questionsdo you refill your toner\ink for your printer?


Good question,op. I would also like to know if there is a chance of damage


I take them into a local store, and they swap them out. They charge about $10.
The only problem I have had is that the printer sometimes fails to recognize the cartridge ink levels, so I have to click the continue printing button. But I do a lot of printing and it saves me money.


I thought of this when I was filling my Samsung ML-1740, black and white. I fill the toner 1 time then I buy a genuine OEM replacement cartridge.

I did buy a 3rd party toner cartridge. I will not do this again because the teeth did not match up on the printer and it started to grind gears. I reseated the cartridge but still the same. I felt lucky I did not grind the teeth down on my printer.

I own a Ricoh Aficio SP C220N Color Laser Printer that is out of toner. I was thinking of refilling with chips. See here:

@meems212: I have asked our printer tech and he got a real sheepish look on his face and avoided the question. FYI my ML-1740 has 14,500 prints. I refill ever other time.


yup. I use Costco. The 1hr photo counter processes them. I go about 3 refills then I buy new ones, typically off costco coupon. So far its all been good, and saving money. Frees up some Woot money, that's for sure!


@caffeine_dude: Hmmm, methinks you are on the right track, thanks I will try the refill.


@mellielou: Costco you say, do they refill all printer inks? I own a HP Officejet 6310 and HP 1120c


@caffeine_dude: Yes, sigh It's an all in one so it works for now, What are the new ones and what are the advantages?


@meems212: I have a Samsung Color Laser Printer (CLP-315), paid around $150 it is wireless. It is less expensive per page to operate. If your keeping count that is 3 working printers I own.

The deciding factor to move to laser was when I had inkjet we would "need" to print for homework, and the ink would be dry in the cartridges. So I would need to take them out and soak them in rubbing alcohol, rub them down with q-tips and hope they work. We print very little color in our house. This would never happen with a laser printer.

I think the average print per cartridge for inkjet is 300 and the average print per laser cartridge is 3000. (so less hassle).

@meems212: If you find a low cost all in one laser with networking let me know. Kind of looking but too hard.


@caffeine_dude: Wow, that is a huge difference, thanks for answering. Time to start researching and pricing!!

edit: I will let you know



The dried out ink is why I will be buying a laser the next time I get a printer, if I ever get one again.

My younger daughter prints about five pages a month, if that (everything else is submitted via email).

The last time I printed anything was during the closing for my refinancing last February (a document had incorrect info and needed to be reprinted). Prior to that, it was so long ago I have no idea.

I will point out that I can print to my printer at work from home, for the occasional coupon or the like that I need, but this is also pretty rare.


If my memory serves me I also recall reading that the monthly duty cycle of my first laser was the same number as my life expectancy as my ink jet. My information is over 5 years old, but it was things I looked at when buying a laser.


I hooked up a CIS (Continuous Ink System) to my printer. The CIS cost me about $60 for my printer. It came with everything needed, including 100 ml each of all 6 colors of ink. New cartridges for my printer hold about 9 ml of ink each.


@woadwarrior: W O W !!! I did not know a monster like that existed.


@caffeine_dude: This site is where I got the one for my printer.
I got the kit with the regular ink as the printer has a couple blocked jets, so it's not used for any quality printing. The regular ink for my printer at the moment costs $33 for a complete set of 6 100 ml bottles of each color. The pigment ink set is $59 and the Pro ink set is $70. Depending on your printer, the sets may cost you more or less than this, mostly depending on how many colors of ink your printer uses. (You can also buy individual bottles if you tend to use significant amounts of one color more than an other.)