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The community exists to voice opinion. If a vendor feels like the feedback is unfair or inaccurate let them defend themselves in the discussion.


Definately not, bad comments help you avoid making a purchase on what looks like a good deal, but really isn't or not worth the hassle.


Never. First amendment says so.

There are others here, not going to name names, that do the same.


@durkzilla: Ok, but spamming for 6 months for the same thing? I have seen it done to a lot of companies here. The person has 1 bad experiences for an item that is worth, $5, and then makes a big deal.

I have seen to many cry babies on here


@wickedd365: Freedom of speech, yes. But some people go as far to HARM the other people or companies.


@shadowhunter312: Bad comments yes, but to copy and paste the same thing for a long time, that is not cool. Or people who only comment on that one company? I have seen it before. @novat, is one. Look at his comment history.


@1337master: Well, it looks like the moderators have dealt with the individual you mentioned in your post, as it appears they have been wiped from the site.

Personally, I would much rather have a community that is free to voice their opinion without fear of retribution from TPTB. There are some really sleazy vendors who post deals here and I see it as a community service to point out the risk in doing business with them.

Vendors are encouraged to actively participate in the community discussions, and not just on the deals they post.

That being said, the community does have the responsibility to behave themselves, but you'd have to be doing something pretty horrible and/or unjustified in order to warrant a ban or mass deletion of posts.

EDIT: "novate" has no comments, but @novat does - I read through a couple and don't see any problem at all with what they're saying. Vendors should be conscious that the way they choose to conduct business is now a matter of public discussion.


@durkzilla: I agree, but there is a difference between informing, and complete ass. For each post, would it be easier to write like this. "For my say in this, i have purchased, received product, came very late, had shipping issues, will not do business again" vs "They don't ship item till you complain and give fake tracking number. they black mail you"


Hmmm, let me think this one over for three seconds.

How about NO? I can see which deals you're talking about. I strongly doubt that the user is saying anything that isn't true. If someone posts dishonest comments, others will point out that fact. If they're just posting their experiences, the best way for a vendor to deal with this is to not provide further opportunity for someone to be unhappy with them. Seems simple enough to me.

I could say more, but am keeping my own counsel on this one (and you are quite welcome, JW).

No censorship, thanks.

[Edit] In addition, the user is not posting spam. Not in any definition of the word, thank you very much. You might not like it, the vendor (singular, for all five incarnations) might not like it, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.


@wickedd365: I understand and agree with the premise of what you said, but it would be woot's right to ban them. 1st amendment doesn't apply in these forums.


@jeffrjohn: 1st amendment does not apply to the internet. No one has jurisdiction to what I post online. No one ever will.


@1337master: The owner of the site certainly has jurisdiction at all times.


@1337master: Again, I really disagree. I don't see this person as being a "complete ass", I see them as someone that the vendor obviously mistreated and is voicing their opinion to the community. They back their opinion up with evidence from outside sources like, and they encourage potential buyers to do their own homework. That is exactly what the community exists to do - voice opinions and encourage people to be informed consumers.

You clearly have a different opinion and are encouraged to post your positive experiences. It is entirely possible that both of you are telling the truth and your feedback lets people see a more complete picture of what it may be like to do business with this company.

I don't think that you ever win a debate by simply silencing your opponent. Banning negative commenters would destroy this site.


@durkzilla: You make sense. I see your point, and i can now safely agree.


Agreed, nobody should be banned for posting negative comments. Bear in mind, you should provide a reasoned argument for why you feel that way though. Telling us why a deal is bad has a lot more meaning than just spamming that it sucks and it's a lot more likely that you'll be "heard."


A relevant definition to this topic:
It's only slander when the person knows they are telling a falsehood and are doing so with malicious intent.
At that point, they could sue. However, I haven't seen anything of that sort up here, and I'm glad of it.

Regarding targeting vendors, if gearxs mistreated novate at some point and novate wants to troll in response, that's his right. Woot doesn't like it much, though, and they do have the final word.


@wickedd365: I don't mean to be the overachieving jerk in the thread, but since I have to deal with people saying this all the time on the internet, I have to intervene. The first amendment, while supports freedom of speech in the USA, works only in the USA. Woot is a website, meaning that it resides on the internet, not in the USA. That means that any amendment has no bearing on the site. Not to mention that Woot is a privately owned website (not public property) and they have the right to ban anyone or anything for whatever reason they so see fit.

Not that I'm saying what you meant is wrong, I believe that people should have the right to say what they want about the company, but just letting you know that freedom of speech doesn't fly on the internet.


personally I think people who use expressions like "l337" in their names should not only be banned from posting on the internet at all, but sterilization seems an appropriate measure as well.

Posts like this question are simply another way to bully someone. Notice that not one other wooter has clicked to woot this question... if there's one thing no one likes, it's a bully.

when I see a deal from a company I have never dealt with, negative reviews, particularly when they outweigh any positive ones, help my decide if the company is worth taking a chance on.


while gearxs service has apparently improved a little, if you read through the most recent 4 pages of resellerratings reviews, there are still some serious issues:

"I purchased a disk drive which arrived DOA. The drive cost about $50. I sent it back for RMA which cost $18 following their instructions. The second drive also arrived DOA. Their response? Send it back (costing me another $18) and they would send another one. When does it end? How much will I end up paying before they finally (if ever) send me a working drive? The problem is that their "customer service" can't understand 2 failures in a row is a habit and I, as a customer, no longer trust their ability to send me a working disk. I have spent a lot of money there over the years. I decided it was better to cut my loss and never buy from them again than to continue throwing good money after bad. The only people to win are the shippers. Poor quality control and pathetic customer service from Kim. "


apr 20 resellerrating:

This company is so bad, it's rediculous. I started using gearxs as a dropship supplier for my buisness. I have placed 21 orders in the past 3 weeks, and it has been the worst experience I have ever had with a company. I have orders that show shipped for 2 weeks with a tracking # that have not even shipped. They ignore all issues problems. My customers are as upset as thiers. I urge anyone to read ALL the reviews on this company, as well as thier BBB report,
Update: gearxs refuses to refund non shipped items.They simply replaced old tracking numbers with new ones that still have not shipped. Due to this review, my account with them has been erased, so I do not have access to my order history, shipping status etc."

as in my case tracking numbers are fake, &their refusal to even acknowledge there is a problem is what's frustrating.
Apologies for my rants, I'm done now


Wow, so you want to limit the criticism on WOOT!, that you disagree with. The truly nice thing about this site is that many people come here to express their opinions, both positive and negative. Personally, when I see someone espousing an opinion that seems a bit rabid (like this one), I look at their other comments, before I decide. Feel free to "spam" (your expression) about what a great experience you have had regarding any site or product, but you can take my freely expressed WOOT! opinions, when you pry them from my cold, dead hands. Or at least until WOOT! stops letting us publish them.


@pickypickypicky: We sure don't intend to stop you any time soon. In fact, post more already! THE POWER IS YOOOOOOOURS!


Remember when there were a lot more of these here?:

Payday loan offers
Counterfeit Vibram FiveFingers, Golf clubs, etc. posts
Click-through referral schemes
Endless posting by vendors of their entire online catalog regardless of price, shipping etc.
Completely self-promoting posts that were total spam

Consistent criticism & flagging has reduced their numbers, and hopefully this site is easier to scan through for the real deals.


@zippy the pinhead: Please do not pretend that your annoying comments on perfectly good deals had one single thing to do with any of that. In addition, there are MORE, not less, of the companies posting their catalogs. There are less postings from the community, and you've certainly helped with that.

Give. It. A. Rest.


I think Woot's staff did what was right. They also have more information about those who were mentioned.

I think it depends on the context. People who exist to post bad things about specific companies may be their competitors, and for that, I think Woot should take action. That is not censorship; and since this is a privately owned website, 1st Amendment does not apply (as much as I support it, the limit is clearly defined). They have to right to take actions; and they should.

Just because someone post negative things? No, that should not be censored at all. We are adults, we can deal with it.