questionsxbox one : is it worth it?


No, 360 controllers won't work with the Xbox One, but Gold works across both. As for is it worth it? Take a look at the game library that's currently on sale and then the titles that are going to be coming out in the next 6 months to a year. Are there 4 or 5 titles you really, really, really want? Good, that brings up the follow up question: can you only get those titles on Xbox One? If those are exclusive titles, then OK. Just remember how Microsoft started out with the Xbox One. Personally, I think you'd be better served buying more games for your current console or just going PC.


I don't have one, but my son's friend got one for Christmas. It didn't work. They exchanged it for another one, which also didn't work. They just took their money back at that point.

I'm always leery of a new release and prefer to wait until the bugs are worked out.


@tjktyler: I'm going to step out on a limb and say that games are not the only thing that @conanthelibrarian is interested in. This console is supposed to be about so much more than games. I think the extras are what he really wants a first hand account of. I'm only guessing because this is generally what people want to know when they ask this type of question.


@nmchapma: you are right, I am looking at the total experience. I do play quite a few games but also use it for movies, music, and on the One I assume I would use Skype.


I have booth the 360 and Xbox One.

@tjktyler is right that the 360 controller does not work with the Xbox One, but you can use the same Xbox Gold account on both systems.

The Xbox One is a nice system with many great features. It really is an entertainment hub in the sense you can play video games, watch TV, use it as a DVR, Apps, Blu Ray, etc. The voice command feature is awesome, especially when watching a movie. If you want to pause the video, you just say "Xbox pause." To restart you just say "Xbox play." The Kinect seems to have a better motion detector, but I don't really use it to often. I am not as big as a fan of the Xbox One dashboard, IMHO the 360 is WAY better! As for games, the 360 is better...for right now. In a few months the One will have some awesome games out, Titan Fall, Destiny, HALO!! The other issue I have is that the Xbox One is not backwards compatible.

Good luck with your choice!


Something to think about...that the camera in the XB1 is constantly recording...what you do, see, say and watch. As long as the console's on (or so I've been informed), information is being collected about you/your viewing habits, and even if you aren't using the console, if it's on, it's recording. So don't start any 'lovey-dovey' time with someone when the console's turned on...could end up being collected! Fore-warned is fore-armed!


I have one. We like it.

It is not recording all the time and you can choose if you want to participate in data collection feedback and other settings for it. For instance, mine stays on in standby mode listening for "Xbox on" but doesn't implement anything until it hears a command. Could it be hacked by the nsa and used for nefarious purposes? Yes. But if you already have a mobile phone, who cares at this point?

Currently the voice commands are like young children. You never know when they'll do what they are told. When they do, life is wonderful. Other times you have to repeat everything you say three times. And then every once in a while they'll ignore you completely. It seems to get better over time. Not sure if it is learning (I believe it does) or they are updating (they will if they haven't yet) or I'm getting better at using it (I'm sure I am). Like anything electronic, even Apple products, there is a learning curve and if you are willing to learn, you will reap the benefits.


Also, there are currently expected features that are missing. But I look for most of these to be included in the upcoming March update.

Voice commands are awesome for media content and for turning on and off the whole entertainment setup.

I forgot to mention that we also have a 360 and we keep it for games, but everything else is done on the One.

If you want one, I recommend it, but I would try to find a bundle deal of you know you will want a second controller.


@nmchapma: Yes and no. Yes, the Xbox One is meant to be a whole experience, BUT any other device or number of devices can replace it. The only reason to consider it is for the exclusives. You want to stream TV or play Blu-rays? A decent $50 player has built in Wifi and can do all the Netflix or whatever streaming you need. All the other "entertainment" features? You still need the set top box from the cable or satellite provider.

Either you're sold on the gimmicks or you're not. What Microsoft wants the Xbox One to do, it does, just not well enough for me to consider it ready for prime time.


@conanthelibrarian: You definitely won't regret it if you buy it, cool features and [some] great games - that said, I'll try to summarize in as few words as possible:
The bad games are almost unplayable (-cough- Battlefield -cough-). The "bad" (broken) features are all but useless..Xbox LIVE on the Xbox One SUUUUCKS (No voice msg, glitchy/broken invite system, broken party system, etc).
The good features on the Xbox One are really good. The good games on the Xbox One are downright awesome. (I'd be comfortable saying DR3 is one of the best games ever). All of the bad stuff can and will be fixed (hopefully soon) with updates.
Deciding Factor:
When it comes down to it, the games are what make or break it. You can find all of the other features elsewhere (Movie streaming, browsing, etc).. Titanfall, Thief, Metal Gear Solid, Minecraft, PvZ, Elder Scrolls Online, etc.
The + for waiting is the lower price and fixed bugs.