questionswhat is this add-on?


IMMEDIATELY after posting this question:
"An add-on for this website failed to run. Check the nsecurity settings in Internet Options for potential conflicts"



I didn't know internet explorer was still around. Jokes aside, I pick #2.


sounds like something nasty got installed on your computer at one of those porn sites you frequent.


"So what am I missing out on?" FireFox
As others have said, it sounds like #2 is the correct answer.


If it's a new add-on, then maybe you should check your installed programs under 'Add/Remove Programs'. You can sort by date. Just see if anything has been added recently. Also, try running Spybot S&D to make sure you don't have some spyware hiding somewhere and make sure you anti-virus is up-to-date. If that doesn't find something, then I'm not sure what to say.

Also, check 'Internet Options -> Programs -> Manage Add-ons' to make sure you don't have anything running that isn't supposed to be.

What version of IE are you running? I'll try to troubleshoot it on my PC.


Try Firefox or Chrome with the Adblock extension(Chrome) or Adblock add-on(FF). I personally prefer Chrome, but most would probably say Firefox is better. Either way both are better than IE in every aspect. There are some great improvements in IE9, but it still can't beat Firefox 5 or Chrome whatever version they are on now(I run the dev channel so mine is 14.0.814.0).


@armagedon: @drunkcajun: I found the issue. It looks like you guys were right about it being number 2, except it seems it was one of those Glade ads or some other talking ad. No viruses here, just a blocked obnoxious ad.

Speaking of which, when is Woot removing those?


@abramokids: adblock installed into firefox removes them for us.


@kamikazeken: Yeah, but if we all did that woot would make no money from advertisers and they'd have to charge more for their products to make up the difference. Is that really what you want?


It's probably related to flash. See:

Follow the steps below to uninstall and reinstall Flash:
Uninstall Flash via the Adobe uninstall tool - Found here

Verify removal by trying to visit any Flash-enabled website.

Reinstall Flash by visiting
Do not forget to "Run as administrator" when clicking on the installer after download completes.

You can also reset your Internet Explorer settings back to default, which should then allow you to download Flash Player. You can do this by:
(From within Internet Explorer) Click Tools
Click Internet Options
Click the Advanced tab
Click Reset...
Click Reset
Click Close
Click OK
Close Internet Explorer
Open Internet Explorer