questionscan i get a manual and/or instructions for theā€¦


since you didn't say what kind of product this is i'm gonna start with a few basics:

try googling the product. most companies now that have products tha charge and operate have instruction manuals online. the company's web site is usually a best place to start, but not the only place to look.

try contacting the company via email or phone.

(i'm assuming you double checked the packaging to be sure it wasn't in there, and then contacted the place where you bought it). good luck.


@moosezilla: I believe it to be a remote controlled helicopter but even though I know the product line, I still cannot help the OP locate a manual for that.



i got this in a bag of crap last time.

put batteries in the remote.
on the back of the remote (can't remember which side), there's a slide out panel. that panel contains a cord to connect to the helicopter for charging.

the remote:
control on the left is for up/down
control on right is for forward/back and spin right/left
if your helicopter spins left/right during flight by itself, turn the knob on the remote to correct it.

that's really all there is to it.