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Maybe something like this?

I wasn't going off much information but realistically, hooking this up to the apple cord should provide the necessary modification.


There's a bunch of them on eBay ranging from $3 to $12. I Googled "iPhone Female to Micro USB Male". and got a bunch of hits. I'm not sure if your MP3 player uses a micro USB - alter the search to suit.


My guess is if it's wired into the back of the stereo, it's not using USB at all - it's only routing the audio.

Depends on whether the adapter was added aftermarket or if it's part of the car. I'm not sure which this is, and it may depend on the car model.

You might need this:

The iPod/iPhone uses 3 pins on the 30-pin connector for analog audio. This adapter cable converts that to a headphone plug you can connect to your mp3 player.

This will not work if the stereo operates on USB - only if the stereo is using that cord for just audio output. It's not likely that a USB adapter cable will NOT work, because it doesn't use the iPod serial control protocol.


@omnichad: I'll bet you're right about how it's wired. Great advice.


ok, figured out a little more.

It is a 30 pin adapter and it was hard wired into the back of the audio system, so it is not USB.
My Sony mp3 player does not have the mini plug, but the larger size one.
I'm thinking the female ipod adapter with the headphone style plug may work.


Depending on what the stereo input is, you may be able to get an adapter that will take your Sony mp3 player straight into the stereo. Might be worth pulling the stereo to take a look at the connector. Then you can go to somewhere like Car Toys, explain what you've got and what you'd like to do. They can explain what you need. You thank them and then go find a place that sells what you need at a reasonable price.

I was able to do something similar with my Toyota Matrix. There's a satellite radio input in the back of the stereo. Since I wasn't using it, I was able to get a box off eBay that that plugged into that input and allowed me to connect my iPod into the stereo.


While I understand what you're trying to achieve, I think you're going about it the hard way:
I use this in every car I own, works flawlessly, no wiring. And when you sell the car, this goes where you go.