questionswhat is wrong with me?! does anyone else do this?


I put mine in a Word doc with the date. I also did this when I hit #1 (once upon a time). I actually viewed the screenshot a couple of times just for a quick smile. Wooters will understand...your spouse, not so much.


Not that anyone but you should care, but if you do find someone, it's impressive. Good job!

By the way, that wasn't the first (or last) time I made it to the leaderboard, but it was the first time I had hit 100% (back when you could be #1 and still be 99.98%)


@capguncowboy: Nice! I'm befuddled by the awesomeness meter, though.


I remember my first time in the leaderboard :P But in all seriousness, good job even though everything you did will amount to absolutely nothing :)


, but that's back when the algorithm was different


@drjing: Awesomeness seems to be a metric based on the direction of your rank. If you're ranked #1, you can only go down in rank, so the meter won't read 100%. I have seen it there for a very short period of time while being #1, but it shortly fell, as did my rank.

@captainsuperdawg: I can't help but notice I'm #2 there, tied with @mfladd


I didn't. But in somedays when I'm feeling down, I kind of wish I had. Congrats though!


I'm just happy to be in the black as of a couple weeks ago and trying to stay there. Weird that my triangle is still purple in the woot discussion threads, though.


I was so close the other day of breaking into the leaderboard for my first time! It'll happen eventually, I was just happy to join the Black Diamond Club a few weeks ago!


just share your feeling with us!:)


I was on there for a hot second back around Christmas (I was taking a staycation and had more time to Woot!). Wish I'd taken a screenshot, dang it, because I didn't stay up there long. Good idea! Print it, frame it, hang it up with pride!


@drjing and @drchops: Work a little harder and get #1 and #2. I want a medical supplies invasion.


@theselected: I was close once too.

I made the top 25 and was pumped! Took a screen shot at 19 and then again at 16. I was waiting (and constantly checking) for #14, but I never made it. I hope to have a chance at greatness once again someday...


And I feel like a VIP just being on the same message board with some of you wooters.
But, it's probably because you VIP wooters are that rare one percent that care about the meaningless rankings. It just feels so good though; a real sense of accomplishment!


I had my black diamond many moons was a song by KISS.

Edit: I believe it was @w00tgurl who provided the sarcasm, but I meant to imply mine. :::sarcasm:::

Edit again: The post by @w00tgurl has been removed apparently, making me look foolish as if I needed help with that act.


Keeping a black triangle is a lot more difficult these days. Between the recession in our economy, lack of rain, communist-like moderation at times and banning of anything that is awesome including self defense tools, it's very difficult grow good deals around South Texas. You young whipper snappers might not remember it, but I remember the good ole days when we could come up here, post comments out of our behinds and ride the top ten rankings like there was no tomorrow. Yes sir, that was the good ole days. I'm planning on moving a little further north where I hear they have had great success with alternative deal posts and where rain clouds are plentiful. Yes sir, you might say that I'm stuck in the past, but I know what I've seen and I've seen what I've known. Anyways, if you really want to keep a black triangle, I hear that there are plenty up north. That's were I'll be heading.


I do the same. I'm happy to finally be back in the top 50. I broke the top 15 a while back and joyously posted a screenshot on Facebook. A friend posted sarcastically asking why I wasnt on the top ten. The next day I reach number 8. Naturally I rubbed it in his face :)

It takes some work though, and I think that's where the pride factor comes in. Especially since the standards are higher than they have been in the past. I've spent the last few months less active than usual (school overtaking my life) and lost my black triangle. It took a decent amount of activity to get it back. So when you're at the top of the top, I'd say you've earned the pride you feel


I took a screen shot of when I made it to #1. It sat on my desktop for a loooong time. I'm not sure what I did with it.


I used to be a black triangle like you....

then I took an arrow to the knee.


Does it count over at
Im the #1 guy over there for about a week


I've made the leaderboard once, not #1 at least i don't think, i just try to maintain my black triangle.


lucky, i want to be up there!