questionsdo you use a grocery delivery service?


One thing I forgot to mention. Their web-site shows their telephone number and the hours they can be reached. I tried reaching customer service well before their ending hours and I was on hold for over 35 minutes without anyone coming on the phone to help me. I knew I was connected because of the messages that I heard about every 30 seconds or so. I tried calling back but I again waited over 15 minutes before I gave up.

I use usually call customer service of places I am considering doing business with before I make my decision to deal with them or not. Their lack of even answering the phone does not bode well with me.

While I know I can find reviews of Peapod on the Internet I would like your input.


While I don't use Peapod, if I did I think I'd use them primarily for shelf-stable foods in boxes, cans, or glass jars. These products have relatively long use-by dates, reducing the risk of getting less-than-fresh items. I'd still shop for perishables myself, but at least the amount of stuff I'd need to lug home would be reduced.


@jnissel: Regarding telephone response for customer service: what day/evening did you call, and do you have any idea where their service centers are located? Is it possible their staffing was affected by the severe weather of the last few days?


@magic cave: According to their site:

1-800-5-PEAPOD (1-800-573-2763)

Customer Care Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 6:00 am - 10:00 pm CT

They are in Skokie, IL

I called them yesterday (Friday Jan 1, 2014) around 5:10 PM EST.


@magic cave: I was considering using them for just those items as well but it would make things a lot easier if I could depend on them for most of my shopping.

I have checked on Yelp and they have 6 reviews that are mixed. They have 3 one star, 1 four star and 2 six star ratings.


Wish there was a grocery delivery service available where I live. Peapod isn't here, nor is Walmart. Would probably use one of them. Recently received an ad in the mail for a 'green' delivery service. Their prices are....well....outrageous. Very limited selection, too. Not a viable choice for me. A delivery charge is palatable. Detest grocery shopping.

That said...I do use dependable services for non-fresh items. Amazon has tons of groceries. Walgreens and CVS to a lesser degree. I use all 3. Check the sales each week for Walgreens/CVS. ...And use incentives like the sale prices and 15 to 30% off. A friend had surgery; could not drive for a long time. She used a local grocery store that offered delivery of fresh items. Prices charged were the same as in-store. Only extra was the delivery charge. She was very happy w/their selections from her lists.


@jnissel: Skokie and Chicago share a city border, so whatever weather Chicago was having would have been Skokie's as well. However, the Peapod service center could be anywhere on the globe, so I don't guess that helps us very much.

It was just a wild though, though, and I appreciate your providing the info.


I get my groceries delivered by Safeway (Von's). It's the only option I have to get food.

If you have someone good who shops for you then it's great but if you have some idiot who doesn't care then good luck. It is a rare occasion when there ISN't a substitute for something. I have gotten liquified avocados, green toxic potatoes and asparagus that is like twigs. Prices are higher than in the store and I can't get the same things I would get if I went to the store.

They do have responsive customer service but I wrote 3 letters to corporate over the course of 6 months about huge problems with their website before I finally got someone with a brain to contact me to get it fixed.

If you have other options, like going to the store yourself, do it. If you are worried about quality and substitutes, you have to just get in the mind set of "oh well".


I buy a lot of food items at . They have mostly "health foods". They have good chocolate : )
They also have better prices then I can get locally for these items . Especially when I buy w/ an extra coupon. ( They mail 'em out once in a while or have special extra discount on a category of items} The ship is flat rate or free above 49. So that works out great for me.

I did live in Charlotte NC for a few years and used a grocery delivery. It was a local owned store and I would call in my list. They would ask if I wanted substitutions if they were out of some thing in particular. It was a really nice service. I could use coupons too. If they had something like that where I live now, I would use it.

I have used too. They have worked ok for me -- I'm in a less expensive delivery zone. In fact I have this deal :
Shop Netgrocer
Use Promo Code SUPER to receive $25 off any purchase of $50 or more.
Valid 01/07/14 through 02/02/14

If you want to try it out.


I wish I could locate a delivery service in the medium sized town where my Mom lives. She can no longer drive, and is 150 miles from me, refusing to move. She called me at work one afternoon asking for my help because she was out of milk. (sigh)


@belyndag: Is there some group local to your mother that can be of help?


@jnissel: One of my sisters, who is also widowed, lives near her and does her shopping. I just want a way to give her a break when I can't get over there to help. Every time I track down a service that might help, I get shot down for one reason or another ("Mom can't let a stranger in the house with groceries!"). A privately owned drugstore in her town used to deliver medications, which was wonderful when you were too sick to get out, but it closed a few years ago. If there was a service that would at least deliver the staples, I would try to force the issue again.


@belyndag: I'm sure you've already worked through this list, but just in case...

Your mom sounds as if she might qualify for some sort of home-aide service. Is there any county-run agency that might suit? Here we have The Council on Aging, which also runs a service that provides what amounts to in-home cleaning, laundry, etc. I'm not sure what else. Does or did your mom attend any kind of religious center which may have a volunteer group that offers similar help? Does she have any lady-friends in the neighborhood with whom you could contract for an hour or two a week for basic errand-running? Is there a local Meals-on-Wheels program? If so, they may have some ideas for you as well.

I hope you find something to relieve some of your worry.


@minkeygirl7: That sounds like a real PIA to have to rely on. I'm sorry to hear you don't have a viable/affordable/conscientious alternative.

Makes me wonder if there's a market for a "concierge grocery shopping service."


@magic cave: Thanks for the suggestions. I started writing a long explanation of this situation (which dates back to 1985), but came to my senses and deleted it. In the past, when I have suggested such services I have gotten shot down by other family members and/or my mother. Every few months I try again, and sooner or later something with have to be done, but for now I am not the primary caregiver and have no real decision-making authority in this matter. I have been socking away the information I've accumulated and will be ready when that time comes. You made some suggestions that might not be on my list, so I will look into those and add them to my folder.

My family puts the "FUN" in "dysFUNctional!"


@belyndag: I am really sorry to hear how difficult it is. I wish I could offer some other advice.


I placed my first Peapod order a few hours ago. It's supposed to be delivered between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM tomorrow.

If anyone is interested I will let you know how it goes.


@jnissel: Of course we want to know ! Good luck .


@jnissel: I would definitely like to know how it goes. Peapod isn't available in my area, but this seems to be a (hopefully) growing type of business, and my fingers are crossed that a similar service will eventually reach the boondocks where I live.


@ceagee: @belyndag: I will be happy to let both of you know how things go.


@belyndag: I live in a small town/rural area. Our county Office for the Aging offers transportation services for shopping and doctor's appts. etc. for a fee. If your mom's area offers something like this, she could still do her own shopping, which she might like.


I have used PeaPod for a few years - the Stop&Shop one (original). The shipments come from their own distribution center, same as their stores, so are as fresh as in-store. Not everything comes through their internal shipping so some items will not be available, mostly non-food.

Being disabled, I am very glad of the service. I usually shop at two-week intervals, so for milk I use shelf-stable Parmalat - Borden's UHT is a bit better tasting but S&S does not carry it.


Alright, for those of you who are interested;

The delivery window was 6:00 to 8:00 PM. They got here, and I'm not kidding, at 7:59 PM. The reason I know this is because I looked at the time just as my doorbell rang.

There were 2 items they didn't have in stock. I asked not to get substitutes and none were given.

The perishable items (juice, yogurt, bread, frozen food) had expiration dates comparable to what I would find in the store. I was pleasantly surprised.

The person who brought the groceries in was friendly and pleasant. We spoke briefly about the Super Bowl before he left.

If I were going to grade this service on this one trip I would give it an "A". I can't take away points for not having the 2 items because I know even when I go grocery shopping I don't always get everything I want because of the store being out of stock on some things.

I will use them again and the next time I will order some fresh meat.

If anyone has questions I will do my best to answer them.


@teqjack: The Peapod I used is affiliated with Giant.


@jnissel: Many thanks for the report! May I ask what the 'delivery' charge was? (This may be mentioned somewhere, but I missed it.) I'm SO interested in this kind of service. Hoping that one comes to my area soon. Am anxious to see what you think of future orders that include fresh meat. Thanks again!!!


I live in Ct. and use ShopRite- Shop at Home delivery.

I place the order online, pick a time window. It's always on time. They call first with any substitutions and ask what I want instead.
I spend around $400. at a time and no matter what size of the delivery, they charge only $10. This includes them shopping for the food and delivery.

I'm a Senior and do not drive any longer and this helps tremendously.

Can I ask what did Peapod charge ?


@computiac: The following was copied from their site;

Delivery Fees:
Orders $60.00 - $75.00 $9.95
Orders $75.00 - $100.00 $8.95
Orders over $100.00 $7.95
Minimum order size: $60.00

They have a special that you can get 60 days with a delivery fee credit of $7.95 per order. They also charge state sales tax and a tax on the delivery fee.


@gmwhit: I just posted the delivery charges for someone else. It should be the post right above this one.


@computiac: There are ShopRite stores where I live. I will look into if they have a delivery service that includes my area. Thank you for the information.


@glynis37: Thanks for the suggestion. She actually has some issues with leaving her house (a bit of agoraphobia, I suspect). Frustrating.

@jnissel, et al: Thanks for all of the information. Hopefully by the time I need this service for myself I will see the services available in my area. Now that I think of it, perhaps I should look into starting such a service!


@belyndag: I just placed my second order. It is supposed to be delivered on Thursday between 3:00 and 5:00 PM I added some things such as meats and milk to see how they do with them.