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This can get pretty complicated once you start pairing amps with speakers and cables because they sound different together. I'd recommend visiting a stereo shop and listening to different systems and seeing (hearing) what you like. I'm very happy with my Sony but you might not like it as much. I prefer it to my Harman Kardon for most things but music does sound better through the HK while movies and games sound better through the Sony so it's really a matter of what sounds good to you. I'd look at something that does 7.1, it does make a difference when you've got them all hooked up (assuming your source has 7.1 anyway).


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You can either build your own audio system or buy a "home theater in a box"

If you go Home theater in a box.. Don't get suckered in by Bose. They are the Beats Headphones of home stereos. remember "No highs, No lows... must be Bose". Think of Home Theater in a Box (HTIAB) as "disposable". If you buy a DVD HTIAB and everyone goes to Blu-Ray you have to buy another HTIAB

My system is an Onkyo receiver, Polk RTi speakers, and a Velodyne Sub. The nice thing about making your own system is that you can upgrade individual parts as needed. Example.. I recently went from 5.1 to 7.1 by purchasing only 2 speakers. In a HTIAB you would need to buy a whole new system.

My next upgrade will be when 3D projectors settle down.. I will have to buy a new 3D receiver to replace my current (non 3D) Onkyo.


So specifically my system is as follows..

My Speakers (Fronts RTiA7 / Center CSiA6 / Surrounds F/XiA4 / Surround Back F/X Wireless)

Sub is a Velodyne DEQ10R

My Reciever is the Onkyo TX-SR707

I have had this system for ~2yrs and I am still stunned at the sound quality sometimes.

I did ALOT of shopping around and price comparing.. I bought most of it at Frys using their "Internet Price match". Wait until January when companies try to clear out all the "old" models for the "new" stuff.


I can just tell you from experience that BOSE is awesome.

I bought a 3-2-1 system over 8 years ago for about $900. It was great, the sound was remarkable.
About 6 months ago I noticed a humming noise from the acoustimass module. I called Bose and they gave me 2 options. 1 was to have it fixed for $250 or I could upgrade to the new 3-2-1 system for
only $500. Not $1100!! I jumped on the deal and got a brand new updated system. Plus, it a BOSE system and the sound is incredible.