questionshave you heard about the software exec lego bar…


Once again FOX News gets it wrong.

The plural of Lego is Lego...


"Tom's Brickyard" sounds like a gay bar.

Anyway, I wonder what other ways he defrauded himself to a $2 million home and the rest of his net worth.

"At his home, investigators discovered 'many, many sets of Legos that he had built, separated in bricks by color, by type, by size.'"
Is anyone struck by this particular sentence as weird (well, weirder)? Like he had some kind of disorder that made him separate Legos like this? Maybe this has something to do with why he stole them at all.


@curtisuxor: People that sell them in bulk separate them like that.

And yes, it does sound like a gay bar.


I heard Bill Gates amassed his fortune off of Duplo blocks. The Microsoft thing is just a front for a giant Duplo blocks syndicate.


@wnyx585am: Makes sense. Bigger blocks = bigger $$$$


@wnyx585am: No, it was Lincoln Logs. Duplo was how Steve Jobs supplemented his income. It's an easy mistake to make.


I'm not surprised that someone at Target didn't catch on to this until $30,000 worth of product had been had.
The cashiers at my Target would scan your baby without looking if placed on that moving belt. Then five products later they would be frustrated and befuddled why the last four products didn't scan. :-)
Don't get me wrong I'm a big fan of Target, just disgruntled about the rapidly declining level of service at the checkout in general.


Target is the one who caught him... To have stolen and sold over 2100 items in a year he was visiting a lot of different stores over an extended area....


@professore: Nobody ever says "Lego" for plural. "Legos" is short for "Lego blocks". Get over it.


@tsfisch: Also, in Danish they don't use S to pluralize for the most part. As English speakers we do so I think it's more than appropriate to say Legos.


I've done a lot of work with SAP and their products. The obsessive sorting of Legos doesn't surprise me a bit. And now that I think of it, the pursuit of more money doesn't, either.


@wootfast: I didn't know Mark Hamill did the VO for the Joker back in the day... I used to watch old Batman like every day.

[ed] haha wow, I've been listening to that for a couple minutes and it's still running. I just looked at the time, FOUR minutes.

I'm just impressed that somebody took the time to sit down and go through every episode of Batman ever and make a compilation video that thorough. [ed2] And it's from more than one series! And movies! lol some of them the joker is missing a tooth for some reason.


It says this guy was an exec? Seems like a lot of work just to make $30k. Selling that many sets means a lot of shopping, packing, and shipping. Not like I condone it or anything, it's just surprising since I'd guess he was making $100k/yr or more.


@jimmyd103: My thoughts exactly. The only way that he was able to make this pay was through a completely inattentive checkout staff. Even though they didn't say what he was doing, my guess is that he was substituting the UPC codes from cheap lego sets on expensive ones, so instead of paying 75 bucks, he was paying like 7.


@princeendo: I make a decent salary, but waste a lot of time on Woot looking to save a little money. I guess that makes me as weird as this guy. At least i'm doing it legally, though...


@wnyx585am: Nice cover. Your job is just a cover for your lifestyle

Honestly, the entire story seems like a lot of work to make just $30k in the end


For some reason the title reads like the start of a joke: "Okay, so this guy walks into a target and buys some legos..."


I just tried to pull up the guy's seller account on eBay and walla - he's been suspended or something as he's no longer a registered user...nice job eBay and woot community...what a scam he had going. I mean his $2mil/house mortgage payment was likely overdue due to a depressed housing market in the silicon valley...crook! :)


actually 'bbdickso1' - Lego sets have been outpacing the Dow Jones Industrial Average and all 401K's since the start of millennium. If you know what you are doing; you can buy and hold for a year or two and get 100%+ ROI (Return On Investment)...on the surface...yes seems ludicrous - but if you dig deeper there is a collectible monetary play here as we are all kids at heart and capitalists to boot!


I don't know what the problem is.
It takes that type of person to be good at that type of job.
First it's what can you do that's better than the guy before you, to collect the commission on the money left over. ie: You go to a CVS that had 4 clerks, now there's 2 clerks. The last two managers got commissions on the clerk that was laid off. The new manager is working his butt off to not appear less able than the last guy, and make his points. At THAT point it's not what you do, it's what you get away with. Less maintenance, etc. That's the kind of work ethic that gets rewarded, and it sticks with you
That's what, $30,000 per year in additional non taxable income? His extra part time income gave him more cash in his pocket than what the bottom 80% of the working people take home. NOT counting his "real" jobs!
And how did he really get caught? Rookie mistake- he got away with it for so long he didn't keep track of the security cameras, and he got caught with the stickering process.


@zuiquan: But isn't Lego from a verb in Danish, and pluralizing it wouldn't make sense?


Interesting. This story reminded me of the "software exec" who wrecked his million-dollar Ferrari Enzo on PCH a few years ago:,0,3986184.story


I just checked, I bought Legos off this guy for my youngest son. I gave him positive feedback


@omnichad, no because Lego is not a verb in English, it's a noun. Also, we are always nounifying verbs and verbifying nouns. It doesn't matter what the word meant in the language we stole it from, it only matters how we use it.


I've bought from this guy on several occasions...

Anyway, basic upc codes are so simple it's easy to do what he was doing, it's an old scam.


@tsfisch:, @zuiquan: From the LEGO website under "Usage of the LEGO Brand Name":

The LEGO brand name must never be used as a generic
term or in the plural or as a possessive pronoun, e.g.

If you want to say "Legos" so be it, but a "professional" news organization they should at least respect that.


That works out to an average of about $14 per item sold, which presumably isn't counting his sourcing, packing, shipping costs. And of course it's a LOT of work to sell on eBay and ship out items on that scale.

That should be pretty much chump change to someone who lives in a $2 million house. Either he desperately needed the money for some reason or he has some sort of pathological need to 'cheat the system' and it wasn't really about the money at all.


@professore: See, your first mistake was in thinking Fox was professional or a news organization. But I can see how that happened.

Also, I'm not going to let a Dane tell me how to "English" when I already know how to do it and I could not care less about protecting their "Brand". I mean, I also speak Chinese so should I run around correcting people when they say Peking or Nanking when they really mean Beijing and Nanjing? Because those aren't even close. Tsing Tao beer? That's also wrong if you say it phonetically like most people do.