questionswhere can i get my wisdom teeth pulled for under…


I'm a do-it-yourself kinda guy! But if that's not your thing check with some of your local dental schools. They need people to practice on. Or invest in a dental plan - I see commercials for them all the time on television. Or just tough it out until you have insurance.


If your teeth are impacted, I'd tough it out until you have insurance. I was in a similar situation with my wisdom teeth. I was 25 regular pain/headaches. It turned out that two of mine had turned sideways. One had a root wrapped around a nerve. That one had to cut into like eight pieces to be extracted. It took my oral surgeon about 45 minutes to do the whole process and he was very (pleasantly) surprised that I only had minor tingling (nerve damage) after the fact. That cleared up after a couple of months and I'm good to go now. In fact my recovery was pretty easy after the first day. I had some swelling for a few days but by the second day was only taking OTC pain killers. I had no dry sockets. No other issues or complications. I don't know how much of that I can attribute to the skill of my surgeon, but I like to think that a lot of it was because he was really good. And all it cost me was the copay.
All that to say, I wouldn't recommend scrimping on oral surgery.


I have a client that just returned to Seattle after going to Mexico for cheaper dental work. I'm not sure what was done, but she was very pleased. She tells me Mexico has become a dental destination for Americans. Since you are a Texican, I would think a hop across the border would be doable.


Dental schools are your best bet. They are held to the same standards as regular dentists and they have licensed professionals close by if something goes wrong. Going outside the country could end up costing more if that country does not have the same standards and practices here.


Yeah i'm not looking forward to this process but I just want to get it over with and not go broke getting it done. Thanks for the advice


I'm pretty much in the same position you are... At this point I'm currently decided on waiting it out until I get insurance. I haven't found any good solutions yet although I haven't looked into dental schools as suggested above.


I know a number of people who exclusively have their work done in Baja California and highly recommend it. Go to Google, type in Tijuana dental and be AMAZED at the number of dental clinics there that show up on the map. Many of them cater to American clientele who have no, or little dental insurance. Which is to say, a lot of people in this country.

Personally? I had my wisdom teeth extracted in SoCal, under anesthesia, and I had complications. It happens even with American dentists.

I would rather go through the pain of natural childbirth again than have the pain that comes with a tooth that needs a root canal/impacted wisdom teeth. You'd be surprised how fast you part with your money to get rid of the pain.


[1] you're in Houston, i'm in Fort Wort/Dallas. up here there's Baylor which has a dental school and as far as i know, it's free - although they may be fussy about how and when to apply or what services they'll provide. Google and check the dental/medical schools in Houston or Austin or even up here in the DFW metroplex.

[2] another suggestion about crossing the border into Mexico is also worth checking up on, but i'd think that going south of heavily populated California would not only provide more options but also be safer.


ok. i tried typing this out before, but after i clicked submit i realized i had typed it in the tattle box. (sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself and go on)

you live in an area that probably has same day denture services. i had insurance so i went to the dentist. he wanted 200 to do a simple extraction. which seemed wickedly high. so i went to my sameday denture place and it was 58 for an extraction. then when it came time to have dentures made the dentist insisted that insurance would pay 60% of up to 700 per plate. the same day denture place wanted 800 for the pair of plates. they can do this because they are cash/check/charge only and pay at time of services, no insurance accepted. which the denture place then provides paperwork to submit to the insurance company and they reimbursed me 60% of.

good luck, low pain and low expenses wishes headed your way


@jxliv7: From the Baylor FAQ:

How will I know how much treatment will cost?

The students or faculty who examine you will provide an estimate of your treatment costs. Costs are generally 30 to 40 percent less than those charged by private dentists.

Apparently, you go there for a $75 screening plus $200 deposit if they choose to take you on.


Call around. I work full-time plus and I don't have insurance either. :(

Three of mine were extracted at different times by the same dentist - $180 cash each time, inclusive of local anesthesia.


@teevoo: thanks. been a couple years since i last checked for a friend of mine, i guess things have changed.


@jxliv7: Thanks for the idea. Thirty to forty percent isn't bad although free would have been great :P


I joined the Air Force and they took them out for free. So just remember you can always explore that option too.


@narfcake: That's a good point. If you do local anesthetic it's much cheaper than if you let them knock you out. Mine were badly impacted and I was in the chair for over 3 hours and only had local and it wasn't that bad. I was sore the next day but had no problem driving myself home after the operation.


I'll do it for $950*.

I'm not a dentist or anything, but I have a lot of tools in my garage.

* You'll need to provide your own transportation to the Los Angeles area, and any follow up medical care.


@zuiquan: on a scale of 1-10, how bad is 'not that bad'? I've only ever had local for any dental procedures although my sister got knocked out for her wisdom teeth. The teeth I had pulled for braces when I was a kid didn't hurt THAT bad but it wasn't a pleasant feeling... not sure how much more impacted wisdom teeth would hurt.


@teevoo: Well, I don't want to skeeve you out too bad but the dentist burned out 3 saws while he was working on my mouth and I ended up not being able to do contact sports for a couple months because apparently he had to get down in my jawbone on my right side. I'd say the worst part was keeping my mouth open and the smell of burning tooth but you get used to the smell. So, I'd give it a 1 on the pain scale and a 3 on the annoying scale. I was pretty sore for about a week and a half but nothing that motrin couldn't handle. Currently, the worst and most annoying thing is that I've still got some pretty big dents in the back of my mouth and they act as a pretty good food trap. That's 18 years later at this point.

By the way, the dentist recommended general anesthetic before the extraction/surgery but I refused.


@teevoo: It's been quite a few years, but I recall being more annoyed by the stitches in my mouth than by pain. I ate soft foods (largely milkshakes, IIRC!) for a day or so and wondered why I'd been given a 10-day script for narcotics. After the first day, I mostly ate normally but was careful to avoid foods that could get "stuck," like peanut butter or granola bars, because I didn't want to have to scrub the incisions with my toothbrush.

@jseureau: I second the recommendations to look into a local dental school; the students are highly supervised and know what they're doing. It tends to take much longer than having work done by an experienced dentist - you're essentially trading time for price. Similarly, if anyone needs to have their teeth cleaned, dental hygienist programs offer deeply discounted cleanings.


step 1: wait until you have insurance. take antibiotics prescribed by the oral surgeon until you do. they'll cooperate and go easy on your costs. if you don't have the dental insurance coming through (common in US health care unfortunately), just bite the bullet and arrange a payment plan through the oral surgeon.

step 2: go to oral and maxillofacial surgeons of houston on i-10 west near bunker hill and ask for dr. shelley seidel. she took all 4 of my severely impacted wisdom teeth out under general anesthesia last december and it was amazing. great doctor, great nurses, great procedure, almost no pain, and i was back to normal daily routine in a few days. i seriously cannot say enough good things about my experience.

EDIT: for the record, i think my procedure was ~$2500 total, but insurance took a little less than $2k off of it.


Where's your nearest Dental School? Over near St. Louis, my wife had two pulled out for $600 including anesthesia.

Found this on a random google search for you:

Mention your pain and they usually put you toward the front of the line since the wait time can be kind of long (6 months or more here).

And these sorts of places take credit cards too, so if you need a little bit of financing time, that won't kill you for interest.


@jseureau: did you ever get your smart teeth yanked or what?