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Depending on where you live, I'm sure there are some scratch and dent outlet stores around, and believe me there are ones for appliances. Lowe's, Home Depot, Menards, American, Colder's, Sears, all of the big name stores have a scratch and dent outlet area too, have you tried checking those? They try to keep them hidden, but if you ask they'll show you. I did find this very basic fridge for under $500 delivered to my local store, it is on sale through the weekend. Or is that one too basic?

Also, refrigerators are built to last, so even if you pick up one that is 5 years old chances are it will still last a while. Good luck!


@eraten: Good find on this one. I was looking at freezer on the bottom for some reason. I guess i gravitate to this type because it is the refrigerator that I grew up with as a child. Relived to see the freezer on top models are much cheaper! WHEW!!
I will stop into the local Sears to check out their scratch and dent.
As for this model being too basic, I don't think so but my instinct tells me maybe one a little larger?? Two growing boys, one in high school and my niece make for lots of food consumption. :) But I'm not ruling any options out just yet.
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if you search you can find an "i'm moving" type coupon for sears and/or lowes that gets you a % off.
i had bought (but they had to order in) a fridge at sears. while waiting for it to come in it went on sale for $ off and the mail brought a %off coupon. they didn't like it but they did a price adjustment for me which saved 100. also my freezer on top model was 350 and big.

TIP: MEASURE YOUR DOOR WIDTH TWICE BEFORE BUYING. i got lucky. i forgot to measure mine and discovered when i got it home i only had to take the packaging off the fridge to get it in the door.


A lot of mom and pop type appliance retailers, when they haul off your old unit if it is still in good shape, will refurbish it and sell it as used.

We had a 1994 side by side that needed service but since it was already 18 years old instead of a $300 service call we replaced it and had the old one hauled away. (We always buy from a local appliance store rather than the big box retailers. They price match and give us great service.) We found our old frig repaired and posted on that appliance company's website under their used frigs. We had taken very good care of the frig. It was immaculately clean just needed a repair.

It was listed for $250 and sold in a matter of days. Used from a reputable retailer is a great way to go.


If you can put off the purchase, waiting until Black Friday will give you access to lots of deals. I also suspect many outfits will actually be offering Black Friday type deals early this year. Craigs List is a great place to find used stuff cheap, but old refrigerators and freezers can truly have little life left in them. I had a free one catch on fire after I used it for about 4 years ( but it was truly ancient - probably 45 years old).


@nortonsark: 45 years! That is OLD! Did you need a special power receptacle for it? :)


If you haven't already done so, check at some of the major stores (Best Buy, Sears, etc.) to see if they are selling any floor models, in addition to looking for the scratch and dents, as @eraten said. I bought my washer and dryer amongst those at Best Buy when someone returned them without ever using them because they didn't fit (another vote for measuring at least twice). Because they were unboxed before the issue was discovered, they couldn't be sold as new again, which meant that before any other discounts were applied, I was already saving 25% off two completely new major appliances. I know floor models are sometimes sold for cheaper because they've been handled by customers, but there is often nothing wrong with them other than a little wear and tear.


Find a dependable appliance repair shop. Often they will have stuff given to them, fix it right and sell it cheap.


Have you tried Restore or similar stores? Restore sometimes has gently used and/or brand new appliances for very reasonable prices. Recently the one by me had a lot of brand new stoves that a developer bought & decided not to use - donated them to Restore & they sold for under $100. Here's a link - maybe there is one by you:


@sassymango: I am familiar with Restore but have never had great luck. As you would expect it's hit and miss. I overlooked it though so thanks for the reminder! :)