questionshas jumbowoot's rewarding of the wooters…


I hope not! I have increased my traffic to deals.woot because of it!


Have people stopped asking questions about getting free stuff instead of just being an active and useful member?


I had to sign a NDA to receive last month's reward.

I've already said too much.


I kind of get tired of people asking these sorts of questions. It's a gift. Treat it as such.

I've been really happy with the ones I've gotten in the past months. And yes, it does keep me active here. But I'm not going to ask about it if I don't get any.

IIRC it was the 12th or 13th LAST month when the coupon was emailed.


I have been lucky enough to have met the criteria on more than one occasion and always considered it a bonus to my participation here on deal.woot. If it is over, so be it and if I get something for having fun hanging out and participating here then extra bonus. Either way, my particiapation levels will only change based on my ability to and not whether or not I receive a gift from @jumbowoot


I'm a shopaholic. I was here before the rewards and I'll be here after the rewards. I just need good deals.


@wickedd365: Chill. I just posted the question out of curiosity. Rewards have usually been handed out by now and as far as I know, no one got one yet this month. I always expected the rewards to end eventually, and I'm just asking if this officially ends them. And if you mean to imply that I'm neither active nor useful, please refer to the color of the triangle next to my username, m'kay?

@tsfisch: As I said, I checked past emails before posting this question. I got my December email from Jumbowoot on the 8th. The month before, it arrived on the 7th.

Wow, people complain when someone posts a question not relevant to deals.woot. But when you DO post a relevant question, they get all snarky. Seems like a no-win situation here.


@wingnutzero: YOU ARE SUCH A DORK! That's like asking the teacher if she remembered there was supposed to be a quiz today.

Just relax and enjoy what comes, IF it comes.


The last coupon was pretty stinkin' generous! $40 for me. Do you realize that could feed me for almost two weeks in China? As far as I recall, it's not entirely normal for coupons to be sent out every month either...if he just needs this month to cool down cuz of last month's awesomeness that's totally fine with me :)


As much as I love free stuff, I would be fine with no gift (especially temporarily). It would help weed some of the freeloaders who are participating (or participating more than they normally would) only for free stuff.

I have a feeling that @jumbowoot and the rest of the staff kind of feels the same way.


I got a giftcard once and I was clueless about the rewards! And then I caught on when i got a coupon a few months later when I was really active. I was then super active in November with more than 6,000 clicks on one of my posts and only got a free shirt. Hey it was a free gift and I love the coupons I get. I was just confused the month I got the gift card.
I got 2 coupons and used them on t shirts and they are comfortable and nice!
Thanks @jumbowoot!


i knew someone would ask this soon, basically dont expect it, theres no where on the website that says if your active you get a free gift, its a gift!


In the past there have been times when stuff just showed up (Best Buy gift card or that Atari thing). But, I do think that all this discussion (that almost sounds like the gifts are expected/owed) comes off as a little greedy (I don't mean to pick on anyone in particular). Maybe they have ended, maybe just a little late this month or maybe just skipped this month. Either way, there are plenty of deals here that you can save money with every day. That is all that it takes for me to keep coming back.


What? No one else got a flatscreen this month from JW?

It could end as far as I'm concerned. I do appreciate rewards for free shipping and what not, but if that's what motivates you to stay around, maybe you should leave or rethink things. I understand the principle behind the reward system, but there's more to it than that.


@jumbowoot is like a generous uncle who shows up unexpectedly with a gift in hand and you end up having an unexpected family never know!

Personally, I am more interested at this point in what's going on with the BoC and @colonelcrap. Somewhere, @threepiecewoot is having a good laugh.


I think all it takes to realize how many people are curious is to look at the traffic of this thread. I received the best buy gift card and a couple coupons and could not have been more thankful for them. If I never received another, I wouldn't have the least bit of resentment. Still doesn't mean I'm not curious if they are going to keep coming.

@wingnutzero: Thanks for asking... Everyone else berates you and I get my curiosity satisfied without everyone yelling at ME.


just be happy if you get it, dont be mad that you dont, its an extra bonus, participate for fun, or boredom, or to share

just like the $5 coupon that sometimes comes with ordering 3 random shirts,don't be angry you don't get it every time, just be happy when you do.


Remember when the crab invasion happened? Wasn't the reward for that month a crab tee shirt? December saw the birth of the black triangle invasion, perhaps there will be a black triangle-ish gift?


I'll admit that I was looking forward to one... minimally hopeful, anyway. Regardless, I'm grateful for what I got in the past.

I will say this... I love giving my kid gifts. It's when he expects something that was not promised, well, I'm far less likely to deliver in that case. Usually not at all.


Yikes, sorry you got jumped on--I think you made it clear you didn't feel ENTITLED to a reward. Honestly, who wasn't wondering about the Jumbowoot Generosity? I figured I might've missed out on something as my black triangle slipped into purple over my extended holiday break, so I was glad to see your question.


Also--and I already know this will be unpopular and I'm sure will receive many a downvote, and my feelings shall be hurt accordingly--while the coupon codes ARE incredibly cool and generous, they're NOT just benefiting us, the Wooter. Obviously the purpose of the rewards is to encourage more active participation (and thus, ensure the success of) Deals.Woot and get us to buy more at the other Woot sites. I LOVE THAT AND THINK IT'S GREAT, for Woot and the Wooters, but I also don't harbor any notions that it's some selfless benevolence on the part of Woot, and that to bring up the codes is somehow biting the hand that feeds.


Sorry everyone, they are just waiting for me to get 100 Woot! buys so they can celebrate my black box. Only 10 more to go though so don't lose faith!


Best I can tell, Jumbowoot hasn't answered a question in 6 days. Maybe he's got the flu. Or, is at CES. Or, has the flu at CES.


@kmeltzer: On the one hand, JW seldom answers questions, unless his specific input is useful. I don't know that it would benefit him to poke his head in here. If I were he, I wouldn't. I could almost guarantee that he's at CES, and I hope that he's having a good time while he's there.

It isn't as if he's cut off from the world. I've heard that they have access to the Internet at CES. Perhaps it's just a rumor.

I actually hope that this incentive stuff stops for a while. I think that it was initially useful to promote certain good behaviors, but that, like many another social experiment, it's gotten out of hand. I'd still like to see Reputation vanish.

It doesn't seem to prevent the shady characters from showing up and building a quick following, with disappointment down the road for most. It doesn't keep deals from shady sites being posted by people who are simply looking for votes up, without considering that their name adds trust that we shouldn't give.



@shrdlu: If I were at CES, I wouldn't be using the internet to send out coupons. Even if they had the hugest internet in the world there.


@shrdlu: Well, I think unless deals.woot is at a point where they, like slickdeals & fatwallet offer a cash back incentive for purchasing through their referral links (essentially both sites share the wealth) woot should continue offering incentives.

What I would LOVE to see happen is woot do their own cash back incentive ala fatwallet (or ebates) but instead of getting a check back we get the cash back in the form of woot credit applied to our account that can be used on any of the woot sites. I've got over $100 sitting in my FW cashback account waiting for me to request the check. Converting something like that to woot credit would be rad.

Woot makes money off referral purchases through outside sites, if they aren't sharing the wealth with straight up cash back they should continue to incentivize those who make them additional money by seeking out good deals.


@kmeltzer: I was referring to your mention of his activity. The emails that go out announcing rewards have been automated for quite some time, not. He probably makes the decision that it should happen, and what it should be, but I think it ends there.

I was pointing out that he's probably aware of the conversation about him, since I'd suspect he keeps half an eye on things even when he's off having a good time. It's over tomorrow. I'm sure we'll be graced with his commentary next week.


@shrdlu: It is kind of a double edged sword...I appreciate those coupons/rewards an unbelievable amount, obviously for their face value, they've let me buy stuff I couldn't have gotten otherwise, but probably more-so because they're just a ridiculously nice gesture.

BUT.. they have had some undesirable side effects. They've definitely brought in a huge amount of greedy people muckin' up the place.. especially the ones who seem to think building rep is the key to free things; spawning floods of "bad" questions/deals.

So, as much as I don't want the coupons to go away and hope they don't.. I think you're right, it would probably do some good :)


@yrguide: Deals (not Woot general, but Deals, SPECIFICALLY) makes money off of SOME sites. They make no money off of Amazon deals, for example. I think they probably see income from Sellout and Moofi, but I don't know that. They certainly don't make money off the lingerie deals. I used to have a canonical list of affiliate sites that I was pretty sure contributed to their bottom line, but it quit being entertaining to collect ages ago.

So it goes.


@shrdlu: I would imagine they have some sort of referral set up with ohcherri, I'd be stunned if they didn't


@shrdlu: You don't think they make money via amazon via the amazon affiliate program?


@yrguide: No, they do NOT have a referral deal with @ohcheri. No, they specifically do NOT get dollars from Amazon. Really.


@yrguide: Because deal.woot is mainly user submissions! Deals does not ask to have amazon links posted... users post them because they think they qualify as a deals.woot deal!


@wingnutzero I certainly hope they havent stopped it! I got all excited when I saw my black triangle for the first time the other day and I was hoping maybe @jumbowoot would show me some love. Either way, I love this site and I am balls to the wall addicted to woot.

@yrguide Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't Amazon own Woot? That is the story I have heard, so the affiliate program wouldn't really make sense. It would be Amazon paying itself (sort of).


@jsoko: But don't you think there's some kind of coding on the back end that turns it into a referral link?


@the18thtee84: I don't really know how their back end works but there are many companies under the same umbrella that pay one another for services, I can't see how this would be any different.


First - Jumbowoot I want to say I really appreciate your more then generous rewards I have earned in the past. Thank you.

Guys we got a free thing, it was nice when it was happening and if it is over then be happy we even had it at all. If it continues AWESOME, but dont look a gift horse in the mouth. I imagine that the Woot Staff are busy this month too with CES and finding more deals for us to buy.

Viva La WOOT!


@shrdlu: Actually you are dead wrong, here's how the amazon referral link looks for arrested development:

http: // .com/ Arrested-Development-Complete-Seasons-Bundle/dp/B000JJ3Y78?tag=dealswoot-20

See that tag=dealswoot-20? that's the referral.


Wow, I don't understand all the down votes for stating the obvious...which is all deal aggregator sites get referral fees.

I also showed an example of a current referral link and was still downvoted.

If you guys want to hide your heads in the sand then that's your business but the bottom line is deals.woot, just like ever other part of woot generates revenue which is why I suggested a means for them to level the playing field with the biggest deal aggregator sites on the web.

Thin skinned are we?


I have NO idea why I'm still playing this game, but here it goes.

Yes, it's a referral link. That does not mean that Deals gets anything for it. I am not in the habit of dishonesty, sir.

It would have been helpful if you'd actually provided the link to the deal, but I found it.

I should also point out that many referral links here are for other people. Many people who post deals for Amazon receive whatever remuneration is is that Amazon provides.

You get the last word, whatever that might be.


@shrdlu: The entire amazon affiliate program operates off of referral links. What exactly is the point of coding your back end to change the original link submitted which would look like this:

To this:

Unless they require a reason for Amazon to identify what items were purchased via deals.woot?

And I will point out that their competition, slickdeals & fatwallet do not allow personal referral links to be posted. Individuals personally profiting simply from posting a deal is against the spirit of a community deals site.


@yrguide: ...dude, you are trying to argue with @shrdlu... seriously? not gunna win this one


@miquinn: I've pretty much won it by stating the facts. Not really sure what @shrdlu's rep is besides being a black am I. Any insight?


@miquinn: Am hoping that I've never disagreed w/@shrdlu: ::shiver:: But...Ugghhh!! That reminds me of 'arguing' w/snapster (when I did not know who he was). I lost. ::many shivers::

Back on topic: Someone said earlier that you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. I agree. Rewards are nice. Very nice. But should not be expected


@gmwhit: I lost too, but at least he seemed to want to know what we think, and he got that from me and others. Of course, my rep fell even more, but no bother.