questionslord of the rings or star wars?


I watched about an hour of the first LOTR and I hated it.
I only watched the first Star Wars and the fourth Star Wars and they were alright.

Of course I'm a little young for the first Star Wars trilogy (only 22 here) but I'm not really a fan of either. Not saying either is a bad series, just not a fan of them. And here come the flames hides in dark corner



Extended Editions are by far one of the best adaptations of book to screen that I have seen (With the exception of getting rid of Tom Bombadil.)

Can't wait for The Hobbit.


There is only one return and its "of the Jedi!"


Star Wars Trilogy.

I'm basing it on the impact to my childhood though, while the Lord of the Rings movies were released when I was an adult. Star Wars stirred so much of my imagination and so much fun as a kid.


saw star wars in the theater when I was 7. It shaped so much of my childhood it's the only choice. When we played with legos in the late 70's, everything we built was either rebel alliance or empire. Star wars action figures, star wars blankets, star wars tshirts, star wars towels, star wars trading cards. Any kid who got an x-wing or tie fighter for the action figures was the coolest kid on the block. "May the force be with you" is still a term who's meaning is known from new york to new delhi, from moscow to minneapolis. Any broomstick or branch or discarded flourescent tube became a lightsaber, and the theme song is probably more familiar than any other song on earth.


In the words of Randal himself
"There is only one trilogy"

I like the last 2 LotR movies, but Star Wars has always been my fav.


I prefer apples, but oranges are good too. Depends on my mood.




@holymythos: When you say you watched the first and the fourth, do you mean you watched the first, which is episode 4, and the fourth, which is episode 1?


This is a battle demonstrated in a Phineas and Ferb episode "Nerds of a Feather" (part 1 of 3) (part 2 of 3) (part 3 of 3)

And also in Clerks 2


LotR is an epic written by a man who knows his epics. Star Wars was written by a (rather good) Hollywood writer/director. The comparison isn't quite even.
If we mean the LotR movies, they were action films based on an epic (if any of you saw Beowulf, that's what I'm thinking of). They're exciting movies, but don't constitute a free-standing epic. Star Wars had to do just that.


@trahentis: LotR is a pretty good story about some harry dudes who took a "really" long walk.


@mellielou: Those movies are boring the trees got up and walked away.


Blade Runner. Wait, it has to be a trilogy? Okay, Star Wars. Or Die Hard.

LotR bored the pants off of me (and not in a good way). I only watched the first movie, I spared myself of the other two. I'm a big Peter Jackson fan, having owned Bad Taste and Dead Alive on Laserdisc back before anybody knew who he was, but in this case the problem was the source material. I attempted to read a Tolkien book back when I was about 11 and then again later in life, and I just couldn't get into it either time. Everybody's got their different genres, I guess.


I enjoy all of the movies. I'd probably put them in the following order:
1) Lord of the Rings Extended Edition
2) Star Wars original trilogy (4-6)
3) Lord of the Rings Theatrical Edition
4) Star Wars - Episodes 1-3

All good movies in my opinion (even Star Wars 1-3), but I'd take LotR.


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