questionswhy is it that groupon deals never seem to do…


A lot of Groupon deals are local, the online/nationwide deals are sometimes good, sometimes not so good, so it just depends on the item. Groupon has a lot of deals that are all in the same vein: health and beauty, workouts, family activities, restaurants, etc.

If there were more technology related items I'd think they would have a better chance for upvotes.


Another factor may be that those deals are pretty easy to locate and many may already be on a groupon mail list themselves.


@thunderthighs: exactly. Groupon growth is slowing and they've now having to expand to other countries to maintain growth and keep investors happy. They're adding very few new customers/subscribers because they've pretty much saturated the US market. Most people interested in groupon offerings are most likely already subscribed and getting the deal alerts in their email/phone, so they ignore the listings here.


Also, people sometimes try to sneak in a referral link from Groupon or Living Social or whatnot in the deal. Maybe people don't want to upvote the deal because they're not sure if the person is benefiting.