questionsanyone know anything about wireless security…


they typically run on your existing wireless network. but, since they're all internal and don't need access to your actual internet service (i'm assuming you're not having them upload video/photos or anything like that), it shouldn't impact your netflix streaming.

as for your issue of netflix crapping out if you try to get online, if your router has the option, you can set up the QoS (quality of service) to prioritize netflix when you're watching it.


@carl669: thanks for the reply. i guess the fact that it doesn't upload makes sense, i guess i just didn't give it that much thought. I'll need to look into some wireless options.


If you're concerned about the network, It couldn't hurt to set up a 2nd wireless router and create an intranet of sorts. Make the wireless not broadcast the SSID to help try to prevent unwanted access. The router wouldn't need to be connected to the internet, and it wouldn't potentially cause any slowness in your primary router/network. The primary thing is to ensure that the video is being recorded somewhere. If it's local, make it hidden away somewhere very difficult to get to. If the burglar sees a camera, he may take the time to look for where the video is recorded, since he/she is already on camera.

I also suggest setting up QoS, but not all routers can handle it and the configuration is more advanced than your standard setup. Good luck, and sorry to hear about being burgled!


@bogie21: thanks for the response. unfortunately most of what you said sounds like Greek to me. I've already thought about DVR placement. I've got a good hidden little nook in my house that is unfinished, and i could easily make a false wall to cover it up and nobody would be able to find it.

i know wireless cams have their drawbacks, but it should help scare off most smash and grab crooks, which was what i experienced a few months back.


If you just want cameras as a deterrent, you can purchase a nice looking dummy camera. Something like

Along with some window clings that say video monitoring on premise (or something like that) and maybe a sign as well. From what I've read, more often than not this will deter a smash and grab burglar more than anything else.

If you search ADT Window Sticker on e-bay, you get a lot of people selling signs and window clings that might just do the trick.

ADT and Monotronics are both larger alarm system companies. If I know this there's a good chance burglars would as well and steer clear (vs the no-name brands ones sold at Walmart, etc.)

The problem with cameras, if the thief is wearing a mask/hiding face, the chance of finding the person is slim to none. In my opinion you're better off deterring someone from thinking of breaking into your home in the first place.


@ndcouch: I want to know if you ever installed your gate? How did that work out?


@missellienc: I did not. automatic gates apparently require alot of maintenance, and someone who knows what they are doing can bypass them. i could put up a regular gate but i hate the idea of my wife having to get out in bad weather or rain to unlock it (she usually gets home before me) plus, i order ALOT of stuff from amazon, and dont like the idea of delivery drivers leaving it all up at the road. i did put some trail cameras in parts of the yard that will pick up anyone coming in or out of my property, and they also cover the entrance ways to the house.

i put up ADT signs and stickers. i reinforced the door frames with steel plates. i ordered security storm doors that require a good bit of force to pry open and have teh ability to put deadbolts on them.

i've done a good bit, but im still always thinking of ways to make my house less appealing to burgers.


@ndcouch: Thanks for responding. Sounds like you have a great start. Good luck with the security cams!


I know they don't have any wires.......