questionsanybody ever use ooma phone system?


I have AT&T DSL Uverse, the 3MBPS package and it seems to do fine while I'm downloading movies and music AND have a VPN into work, all at the same time.

As for the service, it's great. Does all the things that PacBell used to do but you only pay $3-4/month for the taxes for the base package. I bought it last time it was on woot and have probably broken even if not more.

The downside is that if you have internet connections or power outage, your DSL and Ooma service will go too. Your corded land line (not cordless phones) gets its own power from the phone line so it'll still work.


@tucnguyen: I just read, but haven't tried yet, that a ups will power both the ooma and a cordless phone during outages, of some duration.

OP: I haven't noticed any issues re: lag, but I am not a heavy resource user, no gaming, little streaming. It might save you enough to upgrade speed. I just got my 1st, post ooma bill from u-verse, sure is nice($3.50 here, too), and no issues w/ faxing or call quality.


Over 4.5 years never a problem and being an early user I have no monthly bill.


@pickypickypicky: With my computer on my UPS will power my Ooma, modem, cordless phone base and computer for 74 minutes. Evan more if I s/d my computer.


@davemeigs5: since I wrote my comment over 2 years ago, I am an experienced Ooma user now too. Yes, a ups is a good way to insure continued service, during an ordinary outage. As I am well aware of after 2 YEARS. Please note the age of this thread.

Since woot periodically sells them, your efforts to inform people about Ooma would be better served commenting on a more recent thread. Or by waiting until the product is sold here again, or until someone asks a new question regarding it. As to this post, since I am probably the only one who will see your sage commentary, posting on this thread is useless.