questionsnintendo 3ds ambassadors, have you downloaded…


@sykotek: Thanks! To other users that may experience problems... "Your Downloads" wasn't available for me for the first couple of tries, but ultimately, it did pop up as an available option. Once it did, the new games apeared as "Redownload" options.

On a side note, the process to download each game is a bit tedious as you have to go back to "Settings/Other" after each download to get the next game.


So is this really worth it? My 10yo is asking for one for her bday. She has a "regular" DS but now wants to upgrade.


@flyinggirl: I don't feel comfortable making that decision for you.

Things you should take into account though when making your decision:

a) 3DS games are $40 each. There are sales all the time, never pay more than $30 for them.

b) You won't qualify for 20 free game downloads mentioned above. New purchasers get the system for $170 instead of $250.

c) DS games don't look awesome on it, but are compatible, no 3D.

d) Use parental controls in case you want to disable the 3D. In case your children won't regulate themselves correctly using it. They should be taking a break every 15 minutes, I know I can't and I'm 30.

e) There are many age appropriate titles, you'll be looking for E and E10+ printed on the covers, they're not all fun though. Seek advice from gamers, game reviews, and watch videos online. Marketing will make something seem a lot better than it really is, so educate yourself. No one wants to spend $40 on a game that's not worth playing.

f) Battery life, it sucks.


@sykotek: I just stumbled into this (yes I know it's 2 months later...)

Anyway, you mentioned DS games don't look that great on 3DS. Did you know you can hold start or select when you launch a DS game and it runs it in the original resolution instead of blowing it up? Some games look much better this way. Try it out!