questionsso what's new that's coming to shirt.woot?


Wow, maybe I should have been more specific. I happened to have selected that shirt for an upcoming PLUS sale. No big reveal on this one, sorry.


After reading through it, I take it to mean they will be bringing back more shirts from the past. Which is cool enough. But are you thinking something beyond that?


My bet (hope) is they're finding a new supplier for shirt blanks.


I procrastinated and missed the deadline for the purple AA sale. I emailed woot just to check if they could add a late order for me. Of course they couldn't, but it is totally my fault so I'm not mad at anyone but myself. But the response I received was interesting:
"At this point we can't send you one. However.... something amazing is coming in the next few weeks on shirt.woot. so stay tuned. The only clue I can give you is that you'll get the chance to order them again." !


I took it to mean they were eventually going to reprint that shirt that someone said was missing from today's sale.


@tgentry: You could have just come up with something "special" to reveal. Sheesh. ;)


I am hoping the hint is not just for a re-print of that particular shirt. I am hoping for a change in blanks and more re-prints. We are approaching the 1 year mark on the blanks change and hopefully, shirt.woot only signed a one year agreement.

On a sidenote: I am enjoying the alternate offerings (long sleeve, zip-up hoodie, pullover hoodie, totes) but not those lightweight hoodies.


Oh, and @firebirdude, they don't need a new supplier; they just need to go back to the old supplier.

@bsmith1: Don't worry, they're just Elmyra's. No pain was felt on their behalf.

(I do wonder if @pemberducky will cringe watching a fellow duck get repeatedly pummeled...)


@slacker44: See? See? There IS something afoot.
Tricksy @ProfHotpants sess.

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@tgentry: DANG! Way to get my hopes up ...

Well, I guess it'll be back to me ... ummmm ... ranting about something or other ...


An idea batted around in the Woot Plus sale is a custom reprint, basically Woot! printing a shirt or shirts of your choosing from the history of the site for a special price ($20? $25?). Don't know if its feasible, but it would be neat.


Not sure, but I do recall a staffer in some thread somewhere indicating that the shirt folks were hard at work on some new thing, so couldn't be as interactive as usual (as evidenced by their chronic absence in the forums, and neglect of rejectionation duties)
My mind is fuzzy, however, so take that for what it's worth.

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@narfcake: Nice video. :) I was hoping that the announcement would include AA blanks. :(


@narfcake: Snap! Those kids got pwned by anvils! Brutal! I paused it to see each of their faces squish. Why do they have skulls in the center of the bows? (in their hair)


@chronosquall14: Short answer: DTG. Two off the top of my head that uses such: GoodJoe and DBH Collective.