questionshas anyone read "pride and prejudice and zombies"?


No, though one of the people I work with has and said it was much better than they expected.

I stuck it on my maybe-read-these-if-you-can-find-it-for-free-and-have-nothing-else-to-read list. As I've already found several other books on that list (but haven't started any of them), it is unlikely that I will actually read it very soon if ever.

I might watch the movie though, since I'm sure it will be available free within about 20 minutes of its release, apparently scheduled for next year.


I picked up a book called "Raising Stony Mayhall" from the library a couple of months ago. It is more of a book that has a zombie as a main character than a "zombie" book.

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I really enjoyed it, as well as Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer. I didn't like the Sense and Sensibilty one (I think it was sea monsters and a different author) as much. I am a sucker for most Pride and Prejudice related books though.


I read PPZ. Really the only good parts of it IMO were the parts written by Austen. The added zombie stuff was pretty ham-handed, pointless and really only there for the sake of having "zombies" in the title. It would certainly be possible to recast the whole story in a zombie-infested world and come out the other side with a gripping narrative that integrates the comedy of manners with some good old blood'n'gore, but this book doesn't manage to do it.


I have it in my Kindle library. I got about halfway through and stalled. The concept is kind of funny, but in execution it gets rather tiresome.