questionsdid you know today's shirt.woot is printing on aa…


@narfcake: thanks for the heads up. I just bought one! I've stopped looking at all the shirt offerings (needless to say no buying) ever since they changed the blanks. I guess Woot is giving us a "feel good moment" as a Christmas gift. Yay!


What is happening to all of the Royal Blue dyes in the western hemisphere?


I needed to order one for my oldest son but they aren't offering it in 2xl - he needs the length because crack kills :(

I was also going to get a 3xl for my mom (she uses them as sleep shirts) another :(

But I did score one for my youngest son :)


can I buy yesterday's Adventure Time shirt in AA? I guess I should just check myself.

It says "Manufactured In: Honduras/Nicaragua" but they are available. I guess I'll buy one and cross my fingers.


@cowboydann: My guess is that you will end up with Anvil when they restock. Judging by the lack of size options for the other blue shirts, I'm a bit puzzled why they're allowing those to be ordered today.

@thumperchick: No idea. It's probably just sheer coincidence that both suppliers are low/out on stock.


Thanks for pointing it out. Now I actually bought one.


Crap, got my hopes up until I saw they're out of 3x :(


@jezebelseven: Yeah, they were sold out this morning already, hence my comment when I originally posted this.

@cowboydann: You could always cancel your order ...

Right now, I'm more puzzled why it's not being sold at all right now, yet the other Anvil Royal Blue shirts in the reckoning still has MS, M2XL, and M3XL available. No doubt, these two days have definitely decimated Woot's stock, and maybe even both manufacturer's.

(Pinging shirt staffers @tgentry, @profhotpants, @joelterrific, and artist @nblottie for statuses ...)


AA, I can't quit you.

Wait, that came out wrong.