questionshave you seen the newegg's new daily deal site?


At a glance I don't see any space for discussion. It really looks to me a lot more like Groupon Goods than Woot, although Woot has been going in that direction. I rely heavily on the comments in evaluating Woot and Amazon products, so this site is not going to be of that much interest to me. Thanks for sharing it, though.

Uh, oh. You have to sign in to look at the product detail. A big ding in my book. I don;t like to have to sho ID at the door to get into a store.


Yup, need to sign in to see individual deals and the prices were a bit high in My opinion.


Does an existing account work to log in to this "new" site?
NM. I found my answer. "Already registered on our parent site,
Simply use that username and password here."

so at least you don't need ANOTHER login for it.


@moondrake: somewhat relevant article about a Charmin app to find public bathrooms... but it takes so many steps to sign up

"Anything that slows down customers or gets in their way after they download your app is a bad thing. That includes sign-up/sign-in forms that show up even before potential customers can figure out if the app is actually worth using."


add me to the people not registering just to look at a product.


Hmmmm Have to say I am underwhelmed. All that was said above, plus an example: - Refurbished: Cuisinart ICE-20 Automatic Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker for $23.99

It's available on the main site for $24.99, and it's really hard to get excited about a savings of $1.00 that you have to jump through extra hoops to obtain.

Plus, the main site has ratings, just like Amazon, which I rely on for purchases. For some inexplicable reason, they don't show the ratings on the flash site, which means I need to go back to the main site to read the reviews.

Overall, I rate it a solid Meh. If I'm shopping @ Newegg anyway, may check it out. Otherwise, probably won't bother.

Good price on a good ice-cream maker, tho.


The other thing is the Newegg runs daily specials on all kinds of things all the time. They send me daily emails with their daily deals. Some are pretty good, others not so much.


Great, now that I see NeweggFLASH all I can hear in my head now is: "FLASH!!! AHHHHUHHHH Defender of the Universe!"


Now with all the flash and daily deal sites to monitor, I have no time for social media. What's a person to do?