questionsdid you know that prices change based…


I discovered that fact last fall from a deal here. It was a cordless tool combo set that was $20 higher at a store 10 miles farther away.


Well, that's kind of crappy.


Where we are, the more rural the store, the lower the price.


Each Lowe's store can set it's own price based on regional factors like nearby competition, demographics, etc. So it can pay to do some research, though I've never seen huge swings in price. Usually its only a small difference from one location to the next.


Lowes isn't the only one to do that. I've seen it on Walmart and Sears websites, as well as others.


You'll find that to be true of other businesses like Starbucks. Some other important factors include cost of labor, i.e. minimum wage is higher in some states and cities than others, lease/rent.


That's the same reason why the McDonald's at the airport charges $10 for a Big Mac Combo meal.


I understand the urban/rural pricing differences. But that big a price swing (14%)based solely on where you pick it up from an online purchase surprised me, Both stores are nice shiny new ones, but the neighborhoods are different-not too much swing in income but the expensive one is much more bi-lingual. Still a awesome price either way. and the quoted 2 week delivery took 8 days.


@90mcg112: Crikey! What airport was that? The McD's I've seen in airports have had a limited menu, but their prices were pretty much in line with the usual.


@bsmith1: While not $10 they're always higher. I feel like it is NYC prices in the airport. I always figure it is some premium for being there or some built in TSA tax we're just not aware of.


Nope but it's no surprise. I've been waiting for that to happen. If you think that's bad (or good) wait til everyone starts getting different prices based on other demographic info the [almost] Holy Grail being higher prices for those who are simply willing to pay more and lower prices for those who by their nature just won't pay "too much" for that..whatever "that' might be.


We just bought a TV console from Sam's Club yesterday. We had seen the one we wanted at their store near our house, but were planning to buy it at a Sam's across town while running other errands in that area. When we went to load it up we were surprised to see that the price seemed to be higher. Fortunately we had taken pix of the things we were planning to buy, along with their price tags so we searched through the cell phone for the console and discovered that the price was, indeed, over $40 more! Naturally we waited to pick it up closer to home. Wierd! I would have thought that Sam's Clubs would have more regimented prices. The two stores are only about 10 miles apart and in similar areas of town. Something to watch for in the future!


Where have you people been? You need to visit SlickDeals more often. We used to use a thing called the "Lowes trick". Basically, you could lock in a lower price from another store and then switch the zip code before you paid so you could do a store pickup. You had to jump through hoops but it was worth it. Lowes finally caught on and put a stop to it.

There are some big price differences between stores, especially on sale items. For example, someone will post a deal on an item for $9.99 (regularly $89.99) and I can never get any of the sale prices at any of my Lowes. Competition hasn't affected the prices a bit, we even have Home Depots right across the street.