questionsdid you see capguncowboy's letter to woot?


@capguncowboy: Here is what I got. No notification that the BOC was canceled but a letter telling me they would add shipping to an order placed after (which I have since canceled):

A shipping fee has been added to this order

Hey Raider9924,

Woot here to let you know we had to charge you $5 for shipping your order of < redacted > from Woot on Wednesday, September 19, 2012.

We didn't charge you at the time because you'd already paid for shipping when you bought one Bag of Crap, so you qualified for our All You Can Ship free standard shipping for the rest of the day. But that earlier order got cancelled, so we transferred the $5 shipping fee to the newer order. Consider this email your receipt for that charge.

Hope that makes sense. If not, please let us know. Thanks for playing Woot's All You Can Ship! See you next time!


So no notification of cancellation but they made sure to send an e-mail to ensure they collect their money.


@raider9924: I posted a thank you on the ATC forums, but anyone that had successfully purchased one last night, and had it cancelled will have their order reinstated. I'm not sure on the deadline for that. TT didn't seem to know at the time she announced it either. Just be patient and it should all pan out.

Thanks again everyone for your support. I have a feeling it made a difference.


Mine's officially switched to processing


I had to leave for a meeting and just got back to see what was up. Over on the Forum I saw that @ThunderThighs had posted an update indicating that they are doing pretty much what I had suggested.

"153 of our crafty buccaneers figured out the answer early and we're going to honor their orders for a Buccaneers of Caribbean After scouring the list and checking it four times, we have also identified the first 200 buccaneers to visit the secret URL after the last piece of the puzzle was revealed. We're going to give those folks a chance to buy a Buccaneers of Caribbean too. We'll be emailing them with further instructions. "

Hopefully this is all over with now and we can all get back to happy wooting!


I would just like to let @ThunderThighs know that I appreciate her giving us updates. I imagine it isn't being the monkey's mouthpeice, but she lets us know what's going on and bears the brunt of our dissatisfaction, when it happens, without complaint.


@wadekind: And you know this how, exactly? Because you were unable to figure it out?