questionsis anyone else going to miss the free movies from…


yeah, kinda mentioned that here
part of a bigger deal where redbox & verizon are going to offer a streaming service to compete with netflix
good news is that the booths are going to be run by redbox, and redbox always has codes for free movies.


I stopped using them ages ago, so not really. Once they raised the price on new releases what was the point? Plus ours always had a glitch that if you turned it in after 7pm you got charged for another full day (it's supposed to give you until 9pm) I got tired of having to call and complain, then check and recheck my bank account to make sure they fixed the error.


Wow, Blockbuster is really going totally away. I thought the kiosks were part of their 'new' strategy.


Wont miss it, since the closest one was about 30miles away. Though there was a Blockbuster only 12miles away. wouldn't it have made sense to put a kiosk outside all the retail locations?


The Blockbuster Express kiosks were not owned by Blockbuster. They just licensed their name to a different company, which is now selling the kiosks to Redbox.