questionsdid you see the note from target ceo offering a…


I'd try and avoid Target this close to Christmas (not to mention the traffic and insanity at malls and shopping centers) but this is pretty good. Thanks for posting.


Hopefully anyone taking advantage of this offer pays in CASH!! ;-)


Thanks, it's very nice of you to let us know.

They'll have to do better than that, though...


I only shop at Target maybe 3 times a year. Don't you know I was there during the breach? Sheesh! I got an e-mail promising free credit monitoring in the future, but no discount was mentioned. I keep an eye on my accounts anyway, and things seem to be okey dokey for now. Yeah, like @dealseekerdude said, I think CASH is the way to go from now on!


@elldee: Considering this problem was created by a third party, I think they're doing a great job handling it. They could have done the same thing as every other business in the past and pretend it never happened and move on, but they didn't


sounds good to me, hacking can happen anywhere and anytime. 10% plus 5% for the redcard. I am good to go.


Some items do not qualify. Like video games. Follow the link to read all of the exclusions.


@capguncowboy: Created by a third party?

Citation needed on this one.

Retailers are ultimately responsible for the data they collect.


I saw it at Target yesterday. . where it was pretty much dead at 7 p.m. It's a nice offer, and I guess every penny counts, but 10% isn't much unless you're buying a lot of stuff. I saved a few dollars.


@curli76: Don't knock 10% off. I get a 10% off discount every day at Home Depot. It makes a huge difference, several dollars at least every time I go there: sometimes much more.