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Yes, I know Kitchenaid makes attachments (I bought a Kitchenaid after my question about it, and the mixer is exactly what I'd wanted, and thank you to everyone that helped). They just don't make any attachment that does precisely what I want, and I'd rather have a small mini-processor anyway.

I used to have one I liked. I wore it out. Right now I have a fancy system from Oster, and the part of it that I use works very well. I'd just like to change it out, and have one small processor instead (and sell my Oster set at a garage sale).

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How about a cuisanart? Costco has a decent deal on one:

$119.99 after $30 OFF
Cuisinart Elite Collection™
12-Cup Food Processor
Chrome Finish
Item # 560806

I like my Kitchenaid, but have never had a problem with the cuisanarts, either. Hope this helps! By the way, thanks for all the help with the bread maker a few months back...We have fresh bread every 2 days or so now :)


Ninja Blender $44.10 w/free shipping. I don't have the blender; have the hand held. Love it! Read the reviews on the blender, it might be what you're searching for. It minces, dices, chops, blends and purees.


I don't always use a full-size food processor, but when I do, it's a Cuisinart Pro Custom 11 model DLC-8S. You can do some very interesting things with it. I believe I paid about $90 for mine with coupons, etc. from Kohl's. Amazon has it for $142.99.

When a smaller one is all that's needed, I also have a chopper (aka two-cup mini-food processor) attachment for my Farberware Hand Blender Model FSSB100A (which apparently has been discontinued and of which I cannot find a picture that includes the chopper attachment).

BTW- rad your PM. Need to unwind from a crap day at work. Will reply later or tomorrow.


@notanaardvark: While I've been known to appear in some places as "Etaoin Shrdlu" I view the "etaoin" part as an honorific, rather than a first name. There are a zillion and a half "shrdluu" folks out there, believe it or not, even though it seemed unique at the time I chose it, long, long ago.

One of these days I'm going to see an old Linotype priced at something I'm willing to pay, and I'll buy it out of sentiment.


@gmwhit: That blender worries me, after looking at the reviews on Amazon. During canning season, when I'd be using this, it would get some pretty intense use. Most of the reviews suggest that it won't hold up. :-(


@baqui63: The Cuisinart looks okay, but may be overkill. I'm hoping to recover some cupboard space, which is currently devoted to the multi-part Oster of which I only use one part. That part works very well, but the whole thing is heading into 20 years or older (it still works just fine, though).

@okham: I may have to go over to Costco in the next day or two to check this out. That looks like the same one that @baqui63 also pointed out, but buying it for $120 would be nice.


@shrdlu: My mom has an Oster mixer/blender/food processor/giant contraption that takes up most of a cabinet to store... it's about 35 years old and it's awesome. I keep trying to buy it off of her, but she won't let it go (even though she RARELY, if ever, uses it).

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Cuisinart. Nothing else even comes close. Well, maybe the Kitchenaid but definitely not anything you've seen on an infomercial. Save yourself the headache and frustration and pay for quality. I've tried skimping on kitchen equipment in the past and ended up spending twice as much as I would have if I'd just gone for the top quality in the first place.


I have two Cuisinart food processors, and they're simply workhorses. That said, both are 20+ years old too (back when they were made in Japan), and I can't vouch how the newer ones are holding up.

I would not consider any new Kitchenaid small appliance. They're simply not made like they use to, and their food processor bowl is no different than their blender jars or slow cookers; they will break.


Cooks Illustrated prefers the Cuisinart DFP-14BCN given what is currently on the market. They originally tested food processors in September 2010, but since the winner and runner up have been redesigned (disappointingly so) and discontinued, respectively.

It looks like you can find them for around $160-170 online. Let me know if you'd like a PDF of the CI article.


I'm relatively frugal (cheap) and bought one of those Ninjas. It's fairly generic in that it has no speed settings, but rather you push the button in PULSES to get things chopped up to your liking.

The good part is that it works extremely well! --> <--

I have been very happy using it for everything. =) So, for $40 I think you'd be pleased.


P.S. NINJA NINJA NINJA NINJA NINJA. You get to tell people you own your own personal ninja!


I have a Cuisinart and I love it! It is mid-size (I would guess around 7-9 cups) and pretty basic. It came with a few blades and only has settings for on/off/pulse. I could not ask for a better food processor. It must be nearly 15 years old now and it is still going strong!!


Okay, I think I'm leaning towards the Cuisinart. Most of the ones suggested here are the equivalent of the processor part in my Oster that I don't use, but after visiting BB&B today, I see that Cuisinart makes exactly what I want, which is this:

That little whirling blade minces things like onions and bell peppers and green tomatoes into precisely the right size (green tomato relish is one of my favorites, especially India Relish). On the other hand, the reviews for this item are very mixed. On the other, other hand, it is sold by someone who is not Amazon, and I have had mixed experiences with those storefronts.

After seeing a video of the Ninja, I think it's more like a blender, and less like the chopping action that I want.

I need to visit BB&B again, and poke at the Cuisinarts. I'm still undecided.



That Cuisinart (at least its bowl and blades) looks very much like a larger version of the two cup chopper attachment for my Farberware stick blender, except that the Farberware doesn't have the grind feature that reverses blade rotation.

As you've pointed out, the downside of things like my 11-cup Cuisinart food processor is size. While most of its parts fit within the work bowl for storage, with its two tops it requires almost as much shelf width and depth as my KitchenAid mixer (recall I have the 4.5 quart tilt-top one). It is usually easier for my to use the little Farberware three or four times than to pull out the Cuisinart.


@baqui63: Thanks for the response. I'm concerned about the negative reviews for that item, even though it's the right size, and has the only blade I care about. Does your fancy 11-cup Cuisinart have that blade?

As to storage, currently the Oster processor I have takes up most of a kitchen cupboard shelf, so anything less would be useful. On the other hand, I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't just pack up the parts I don't use, and store them. It's not as though it doesn't still work, and do precisely what I need it to do.

My mixer just lives on a kitchen counter; it's still new, and it's pretty.


@shrdlu: The parts page for the DLC-8S shows the included and optional parts for the DLC-8S. I believe the Stainless Steel Blade is what you want (part DLC-861TX, third item from the bottom of the above page, and included with the base DLC-8S).

However, if your Oster's only real problem is cupboard space wasted by the parts that you don't use, I think your idea of storing those parts elsewhere is a good one. I periodically go through the appliances that I store in my kitchen and move the ones I rarely use (or parts of them that are never used) to shelves in my basement.

My KitchenAid mixer also lives on the counter, normally pushed back into the far corner, occupying space that would otherwise not be very useful.


@baqui63: I believe that you've un-persuaded me. Other than recovering a few inches of shelf space, there's no reason to replace my Oster. I'll just pack up the mixer parts, and keep the rest on the shelf. I do love my Kitchenaid, but that was really the only part that made me unhappy.

No sense replacing something that works just fine.

Thanks for your help.

In fact, thank you to everyone for all the help. :-D