questionsis there a space heater that works off both…


Just bring me, I'm one hot hunk of burning love.


sounds dangerous, i don't know why. i've seen the propane camping ones, those would've been great for indoors during the snowmageddon a few years back when a lot lost electricity.

i haven't heard of a combo like this, sorry. but "don't stop believin"


I'm going to take a guess and say no.

The reason is this would require two different heaters to be in one package. I would imagine it'd be cheaper to just make two heaters. Electric heaters are just (essentially) joule heating elements like your toaster. Propane/gas/etc heaters generate the heat by burning the gas. The only part of the heater that might be common would be a blower.

Although I would imagine it'd be possible to make a gas heater that uses the expanding gas to run the blower as well as heat...

We have a kerosene torpedo heater that uses an electric blower though so I'm not positive.


ProCom makes one (NTE sells it). Not sure how it would lend itself to being portable as it requires 100lb tank or larger. It has 110v electric heater element, and both propane and natural gas burners in it. I believe it's about $250.