questionshow can we avoid duplicate tattles?


P.S. Some useful reading (URLs wouldn't fit in 1,000 chars):

Discussion of response times referenced above:

@faughtey's tattling guidelines, plus @shrdlu's explanation of notes and tattles:

P.P.S. I know that some people post notes when they tattle. But others post notes without tattling (I see a lot of deals with a "dead" comment that aren't RIPed; I tattle and they get RIPed shortly thereafter). So it would help to know if you tattled; a few keystrokes would save everyone else some time.


I actually thought duplicate tattles were useful and desired by staff so they could be alerted to stuff that needed immediate attention.

If someone has already tattled on a deal then why not just have the site software remove the tattle link until action has been taken?

Edit: read the linked thread - "duplicate tattles" refers to the same user tattling on the same deal more than once, not multiple users tattling on the same deal...


@durkzilla: Good point. Truth be told, I don't know how their system sorts tattles. I had assumed that it was FIFO within category. Certainly, potential SPAM or security risks require the most immediate attention, while RIPing deals is much less urgent. Either way, I'd think that a single tattle would suffice. @faughtey, would you mind weighing in on this?

Either way, I'd rather not have the link removed, because there may be multiple reasons to tattle on a deal. The deal could be dead and a victim of comment SPAM. If the link goes away while an RIP tattle is pending, there is no longer any way to alert the mods of the more important SPAM problem!


@heymo: I think I have to go with @durkzilla on this one.

Most of my tattles are for duplicates. In my mind (at least what is left of it), the more people who tattle on a duplicate, the quicker it should be removed (even if it is just to stop the tide of tattles). If I see a duplicate that has been tattled upon (someone left a comment referring to the fact that it was a duplicate) but it is still up, I summon my monkeys to start tattling on it. I find duplicates quite irritating (dead deals don't bother me as much).


@theoneill555: Again, a good point. I jumped the gun in inferring that multiple tattles on the same item simply gummed up the works. I extrapolated from some points faughtey and others have made, possibly too far.

I guess the question should have been, "Are multiple tattles helpful, or should they be avoided?" Would really like to hear from some actual staff. Perhaps I'll go tattle.

Either way, remember that we get to mark our tattles by topic, so duplicate deals can be separated out from RIPs. Don't know if and how that happens in practice. Paging @dealsmod1: do multiple tattles on the same deal help or hurt??


They say avoid duplicate tattles but does that mean dont tattle after somebody else has tattled or dont tattle more than once yourself on a certain post? I dont know I'm just passing by sorry if its a stupid question.


@heymo: I am curious, also, to find out if multiple tattles are helpful or irritating to staff.

@faughtey: Ma'am, could you tell us what you think?


@killswitchdh: Not stupid at all! That's exactly what we're trying to find out.

@theoneill555: I see someone has "corrected" my tags. Wish they had weighed in. P.S. I decided to go ahead and tattle on the question. Maybe whoever is on duty will stop by.


@heymo: Good Encouragement! This is why you own the leaderboard lol.


we've been told not to comment in spam threads/comments because it causes more work for the people deleting. but wouldn't that also carry over to dupe deals?

either way, i do both for dupes. i tattle and if i'm feeling generous i'll post the original deal link in the tattle and as a comment. it seemed like for a while, adding the dupe comment helped make the deal go away faster, but even that doesn't always hurry it along.


@heymo: Don't you just love drive-bys? :)

@w00tgurl: When you post the duplicate deal comment with the original link, it informs others that it is a duplicate and I strongly believe that the more duplicate deal tattles that are, the faster a duplicate gets removed but we are still waiting to hear from staff on this.


@theoneill555: Just so long as they're not the original kind. Lived a few blocks from an area where they occasionally happened in the 80s. shudder


There is a very limited number of people checking tattles and we don't have 24 hour coverage yet. Some of you may have noticed we have been trying something new the past few weeks with tattles, tags and titles. Until we figure out how to have the best coverage, there will be delays in how long it takes for a tattle to be acted upon. And some may be missed.
I don't know exactly how the others do tattles, so this part is my opinion. If someone says they tattled it's been done. So no need for everyone else to tattle too. Multiple tattles slow things down.


@w00tgurl: They discourage commenting on spam, so as not to encourage the spammers.

If they put some spam up, and then someone comments on it, in their mind it's mission accomplished - they spammed to get attention and it worked. Regardless of the context of the comment (good or bad) all they care about it response & acknowledgement.

If we avoid acknowledging the spam/spammer, and they feel like nobody's paying attention to them, they're much more likely to go away muuuch sooner. Especially when you have people like quick-draw @faughtey pew'n 'em to death with the quickness :D - making it like their comments never existed.


@drchops: so a comment stating it's a dupe is ok? i'm just looking into the future when someone is typing in all caps to me "DON"T COMMENT ON THE DUPES!!"

even with a comment already there, additional tattles on that deal might be necessary. @faughtey mentioned before that it's easy to ignore tattles.
i think it takes more than one tattle for someone to pay attention to the deal. i've tattled on stuff without commenting, then someone commented later it was a dupe, then hours later it's still there.
or... i've tattled, commented, and then later someone comments again asking if i've tattled already and that i should have, and that they tattled just then for the same deal.

IMO deals.woot needs duplicate tattles. anyone can tattle for petty stuff, but 2 or more tattles on a deal and there could be a problem


@drchops: I love to pew the spammers! wink When we delete a comment spammer, we do it by their name. So if farther down someone mentions @spammername it won't clear after we delete the comment.

@w00tgurl: I said we ignore the tattles that are opinions and not actionable.