questionsanyone know a really good 7.1/7.2 home theater…


I've been researching the same stuff myself. Currently I'm leaning towards Yamaha for a receiver, and Klipsch for speakers. Yamaha's equipment is highly rated and fully featured. Klipsch speakers have a real nice crisp sound. YMMV though so I'd recommend going to a couple stores that have speaker set-ups and listening to what they have available. (Take a CD along with you so that you can see how they sound with music you like.)


For speakers on the cheap that sound good I say Polk Monitor 50's in the front, CS1 for center, Monitor 30's for the other 4. The Polk PSW sub is only 100 bucks too. You can have all this for less than 750 off Newegg. Use your current receiver. I don't think their is a better speaker at this price point honestly. Now they don't sound as good as my Deftechs with SVS sub but those cost over 5 times your budget. Let us know what you decide!


Thanks for the input.. I honestly don't care for my receiver. It takes a LONG time to switch between sources (and sometimes not at all)-- After some googling, I see that Onkyo's have that problem from time to time. And mine is well ventilated on a glass-stand.

But I will definitely look into both Yamaha & Polk


I listened to a pair of Polks and a pair of Klipsch side by side using the same source and and the Polks sounded sorta fuzzy to me. They were also comparably priced.


Energy makes some of the best speakers for the price around.

Check them out on Amazon here: