questionscan you find me a deal on an authentic appleā€¦


Is there a reason you want an OEM part and not something like this?

I can vouch for OWC. I've bought from them for many years. Great customer service. They've supported woot through sponsored deals and side deals over the years.


I think you might be slightly off on what it is worth, too. (ebay link)

crap! just search for completed auctions on ebay for Mac Book Pro and check the Core Duo filter. Your MBP is probably worth at least $200 -$300.


@caffeine_dude: No - there was a batch of bad batteries when this model first came out that Apple replaced free of charge.


@marcoselmalo: Looks like they are out of stock. I'll keep an eye on that site and hopefully they'll get more.

Most of the third-party batteries I've seen have horrendous reviews, which is why I was trying to find an authentic Apple battery.

Of course, many of the "real" batteries being sold by third parties are not really new anyway.

Thanks for the link!


@durkzilla: iirc, the Nu Power batts are slightly better than the stock one in terms of amp hours. I didn't notice they're out of stock. Sorry. I believe pending means that a shipment is due and just hasn't arrived yet, but they have a toll free number you can call if you want to check with a human.