questionsdo you order room service?


Nope, never. I am too cheap and it is too over priced.


Yes, I most definitely have done it. I normally order breakfast. It's pretty awesome having that fresh squeezed OJ and pot of coffee delivered to you while you're sitting in your PJs. They even set the table and hand you your linen napkin. OK, I know I'm spoiled but I've worked hard for my money all these years! :-)


Never. $10 cheeseburger? For room service, it's more like a $10 water bottle.


I'm not the kind of traveler that cares for the special treatment. Even when it's on the company dime. If I have to eat in my room, I'm hungry and irritated that I'm working too damn much. I've found that if you place an order through room service, you can go down and pick it up at the kitchen when it's ready in 10 minutes without waiting 45 mins for delivery. Kind of like phoning in a pizza for pickup.


When I travel I like to try different restaurants that we don't have around home, so I try to avoid room service. But for those times when I am just too tired to go out, room service is a handy option.


I sometimes book a hotel simply based on their room service.


Almost never. The last thing I want is to be cooped up in a hotel room, no matter how nice. I'd rather sample whatever the city I'm in has to offer. Did you know that there's such a thing as blue cheese vinaigrette? How about a nice caesar salad topped with fresh salmon? Room service would have kept from those culinary marvels.

I do like coffee in the room, but prefer to make it myself, and have been known to pack my own small coffee pot, grinder, and beans, when traveling for more than a day or two. I really don't like those nasty stale little pod things.

Mmmm, coffee.

[edit] Almost forgot: THAT IS ONE TASTY BURGER!


If I am alone...never (I'm cheap too!). If I am with someone special then sometimes I will order breakfast.


On cruise boats, when it's 24/7 complimentary :)

The only other place I've ordered room service was in a hotel in India. Wasn't too bad...although the chicken dish that was supposed to be "neutral" definitely had a curry tang hehe


Only when its time for a bed picnic.


Nope,i donot get used to be served in a hotel in that situation. in this wat, i am cheap too///


Only if it's on the company's dime, and then only if I've been working so late that there were no other possibilities for food. By that point I'll eat anything so I can get a few hours of sleep before heading back to work.

I still think that what they charge is ridiculous in most cases, but I can justify the surcharge for being the only source of food.