questionsmultiple dvr's in each room or a single multiroom…


I personally have a single non-cable company dvr that I stream to other tvs wirelessly. That said, if it saves money, can have different shows watched at the same time and can record multiple channels, I say go for it. Worst case, you have to switch back if you hate it.


Advantages of multi-room DVR, central location, and (it looks like price)

Advantages of single DVR's in multiple rooms... if one "breaks" (I.e. the hard drive goes bad) then the others still work.

personally if I was to use a DVR and some cable system, I would BUY (not leasse) the DVR and get seperate ones for each hookup. That was if any one breaks I can repair it myslef (I'm that kind of guy) without worring about some warrenty or contract thingy with the cable company. But I don't do cable.
Instead I have a NAS with many DVD-quality movies on it that I can stream to any TV in my house in addition to any streaming service I want to pay for over the internet.


I agree that buying a dvr is much better then leasing, if it is an option. Also that holds true to internet routers as well. I've seen people pay $20 to $30 a month for their router, which they could have saved lots of money by buying one themselves.