questionsdid woot used to be super awesome but then got…


Oh, come on, fill me in a bit more since you were presumably there when it was like that, did they used to have totally amazing deals? Was the sort of stuff they had before more awesome? Did it change because they got bought by Amazon and became main stream?


Wild LeakFrogs and Roombas roamed the plains. Hamsters ran as fast as possible to power the server, but from time to time would die, and so would the server. This usually coincided with a bag of some sort being posted, filled with items so craptastic they brought a tear to your eye.

Oh, and 1 day, 1 deal. If you didn't want the deal, too bad. Come back tomorrow. If the deal was sold out before you checked the site, too bad. If you are lucky more might be bought, or the deal might be gone forever. Except...

...except for the mystical woot-off. A small number of (perhaps leftover, perhaps not) items were made available, and as soon as they sold out, boom! Another deal! One would hope for a new keyboard, to replace the one worn out (well, at least the F5 key) during the woot-off. People would call in to work with a severe case of whatever excuse they could think of while madly refreshing the page. Sleep? Yeah right. Too busy cursing the item that nobody is buying, gumming up the works.


What @stile99 said, and @barnabee so aptly validated. I'm fairly new to woot, and I find the changes....well...disappointing.

I know. I do know. Rabble, rabble. Also know & understand that many people are tired of hearing it. S or get off the pot, gmwhit!

Carping about it does no good whatsoever. Know that, too. It's just difficult. When you've enjoyed a site - visited every day looking for a bargain, bought stuff, engaged in the community. Pursed the evasive BOC. Hit F5 repeatedly. Cursed when the site went down. Cursed louder when it was Sold Out. It's hard to let go of that. I kept hoping things would change for the better.

All gone now. Hard to accept; to get used to. Keep trying to find some reason (any) to check in every day. Less and less draws me in.

Understand that change happens. Sometimes the changes are good. Sometimes they're not. The bulk of changes on woot in the past year are not good, IMO. I could be wrong (thank you Dennis Miller!)


It's a rudderless ship at this point. A lot of what was fun is gone.


The people (us) and staff makes it fun. Woot is doing what they have to do to be competitive. If We all hangout, send wootizen bags to each other, ask questions, post deals and bitch, oh and occasionally buy things, we'll be good.....


Back when it was one deal, one day, the product pages were the hangout. Some folks were serious discussing the item, some were silly, and most of it was very welcome. There was a lot of interaction. But as Woot grew and grew into what it's become today, everything got spread thin; instead of many folks in few places, you have few folks in many places.

Since those days, every change provided greater disinterest to stay. The expanded site, the less great deals, some increased censorship, product changes, etc., all contributed to a community breaking apart.

Most of my participation has been in shirt.woot. One year ago, there were 118 posts in the reckoning thread; last week, 7 posts. One year ago, a first place derby winner got 1069 votes. This week's derby winner, 208 votes.


All of the above.

Also, it was a lot more fun when there was actually a chance you could get your hands on a Bag of Crap. I don't even bother trying anymore; it's not worth the frustration.


@narfcake: I think this is the best description of how I feel about what happened. The threads used to be huge, full of info and worthless but fun posts. I feel like the community has suffered and for me, the community was always far more important than the deals.


Yeah, what they said.

It used to be fun. I'd be at the computer at 1 AM (my time) and ready, partly for good deals, and partly because everything was just a whole lot of fun--the community, the write-ups, the wootcast, the filters, and on and on.

Now I check every now and then to try to find a few things that are usually cheaper here than anywhere else, if I can put up with a refurb.

All good things...


All agreed. I remember back when there was just the one single site. The thing that made it absolutely amazing (and practically go viral) was the fact that you could pretty much always count on it to be the absolute best deal for that item that you will ever find anywhere. You never even had to research to make sure it was a deal.

That and the zany item selection they had. And the true BOC's. My first and only legitimate BOC I got back in the day had 600 writable CDs (that I'm still going through) 2 MP3 players and some hilarious "junk".

Then they got bought by Amazon.


@stile99: Wild LeakFrogs and Roombas roamed the plains...

And Sansas - don't forget the Sansas.


@kylemittskus: yeah, unfortunately community doesn't pay the salaries.

j5 j5

You are not alone, friend.


Thanks for all the perspectives everyone, it was really bugging me not to know why my perception of the site seemed to differ from people's response to it.

It's a real shame that cool little companies tend to become less cool bigger companies... It's inevitable I suppose.