questionswhen did life get so serioius?


I think it came along with the downturn in the economy, honestly. :(


it's called life. It is and always has been serious.
It's far less serious now than it ever has been... You are not running away from a sabretooth tiger, you don't have to worry about the vast majority of diseases that have been killing humans for millenia, If someone is bothering you, police protection is a phone call away. You don't have to worry that some warlord in the next county is going to burn down your hut, kill you, and take your wife & kids as slaves. Every form of entertainment known to modern man is available with the click of a button, your grocery store will deliver fresh food to your front door, amazon will deliver clothes, cleaning supplies, toys, media, etc, in 2 days for free with prime shipping. If you get lost in the woods, hundreds of rescue personnel will search for you from helicopters with heat-seeking cameras. If you decide to spend a day on a boat for vacation, you don't have to worry about pirates. you can carry every song you ever wanted in a tiny device.


I think life is far less serous than it ever has been in humanity's existence.


Yoda and my woot monkey were just talking about this. I agree with the younger woot monkey, have fun where you can. (I am over 35, I think).


I often wonder the same thing in that - has the world taken on a more grim tone to it or am I just now becoming much more aware. I believe it has to do with the turmoil the entire planet seems to be experiencing right now. But one wonders if these are growing pains or death throws or maybe even just slight gas in terms of how the world is being affected. The world is completely connected via internet and the internet has so much information streaming out of it it can be hard to discern what is life affecting and what is just sliding on down the pipe to the sea. However, this constant flow of information can befuddle the mind and the spirit. I only know what I've been told and experienced and I have only been around this time period so its subjective to me. It does leave one wondering though.


@kamikazeken: I agree to a point, but I think you're describing convenience and danger more than social mindset. I never had to fend off a sabre tooth tiger, so that is beyond the scope of my experiences. Also, poor and dangerous climates don't necessarily mean the people are joyless or serious. Tribes often held celebrations over what they did have because they were thankful for it, where people today just seem downtrodden and plain ol' mopey.

Also, when Amazon takes more than 2 days to get me something even with my Prime membership, that can be life and death!!! Have you ever gotten to your mailbox just to learn you had to wait 24 more hours for the 54th season of the Simpsons DVD set to come?


@happyknappybeard: Thanks. You make a lot of the same points I ask myself. Am I just more aware of what's going on in the world now due to now having kids and worrying about their future and well being or because we live in the information age. So now I don't just have to worry about the local factory closing, I'm now being told about someone a world away losing their job and how that will affect their economy which can trickle down to the US economy and put my job at risk. The crazy fluctuation in the stock market based world wide influence creates a daily roller coaster on everyone's investments.


Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway


One of my favorite "The Norm" comic strips has Norm (a normal late 20 something guy) walking on his hands, tie flailing a bit, paper falling and it says "Just because it's a serious world doens't mean you can't play in it."

The world is serious. Life is hard a lot of the time. Maybe the constant flow of information makes it seem worse. Maybe getting older and having more responsibilites makes it harder. Maybe it's getting harder. I don't know. But I do know that you can either wallow in it or you can have some fun. I choose to have fun, being serious only when necessary. I still take care of my responsibilities, but I also like to run and play and frollick and laugh and enjoy life. Sometimes that's easier to do than other times. But I think it's always important.


@gt0163c: Those are really good words to remember, thank you!


I think it's so important to unplug from reality for awhile. Although it is difficult to do today, more than it has ever been in the past. I often leave my cell phone upstairs in the bedroom once I get home from work. Allows me 2 solid hours of quality time with my wife and daughter without distractions. I also limit my internet use on the weekends. Sorry woot! but there isn't anything online that can't wait until Monday.
I find that in these moments the 'noise' just goes away and the only things that concerns me are if my cup of tea is full and to remember to blow on it because it is hot.
Take advantage of your kids and start acting like one.


@kamikazeken: pretty sure you still need to worry about pirates....


@jimmyd103: "Take advantage of your kids and start acting like one." Words of wisdom, indeed.

Life has seemed very serious to me lately, also. When my first child was very small, a number of family, health and financial issues hit us and I found myself waiting for the plague of locusts. Although some things got easier, others got tougher. Overall, I learned to deal with most things with at least a touch of humor. Lately I discovered that I have forgotten that lesson as times have gotten extremely difficult on several fronts. Turning off the news and avoiding the internet makes a huge difference. I need to relearn my humor. Good question. Hopefully I can take something away from this to help myself, as well.


9/11. Sure as (Profanity) sobered me up to the kind of world we live in.

The death of my father matured my view of myself at 10 years old, 9/11 matured my view of the world around me.

You are in that period between your "Return of Saturn" and mid-life crisis. It's natural to have these kinds of feelings. Your health is starting to fade and you are wondering if you have accomplished anything in life. You have lost that youthful self-confidence that you are invincible and capable of ruling the world.

In this game of thrones, you win or you die.


Life got a whole lot more serious as soon as I had kids....

Up until then it was pretty much all fun and games, now it's all about making sure they get to have the fun and games.

Don't get me wrong, I still have fun, in particular with them, but fun no longer includes anything that includes getting out of control!


@inkycatz: Agreed, it seems people are just generally pissed off about something.


Just a 150 years ago all most people had to worry about was what was going on in their own town or village... Fast forward to modern times, we have the stresses of every village and town in the world on our shoulders thanks to instantaneous media... Evolutionarily speaking, we just haven't learned to grapple with this level of stress (which could explain the incredible number of people on antidepressants nowadays). I guess we just need to do what we can and realize we can't change the world on any given day... Embrace your friends and family relationships...Maybe the Beatles were right, all you need is love!


The world does seem to have become more serious, but that makes me want to change that. I smile every chance I get, shoot hoops with my kids when I can, crack sarcastic jokes at work and in general try to make someone's day brighter with my existence. It doesn't always happen here on DW, but I try. :)


Change your mindset. Work just as hard at having fun. I am 15 years older than you and spent all of those years too serious. On the other end of the next twenty years you will say "WTH was I thinking! Go, take your best friend out and do something fun. Then get in the habit of doing it. Life goes by too fast to have fun later.


@claren44: very funny. Don't you know this is a serious question!


I agree with all that has been said. My life has always been a tad serious for various reasons. But I still try to find the bright side and keep on truckin'.

I do firmly believe that instant information and fast travel have changed vastly changed our world.

When murders, deaths, or bombing happened in the 1800s you might not hear about it for a few days or even weeks. In the early 1900s, it could still be days. Now, it's as it happens. Instead of it being old news, it's top news.

When horrible events happened across the world, we rarely thought about it affecting us because travel took so long. Just getting across the country could take months in the 1800s. Events seemed far away and could never affect us here. Now, the events can an do travel to our continent. We are no longer the lone country out here with only allies along our boundaries.

That's one of the reasons that I don't watch or read the news much. Maybe once a week. It's too easy to get lost in the headlines.


I blame the internet.

Life moves pretty fast.
If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.
Ferris Bueller ..(1986)


I think it is when your first parent passes away.

My life turned quite serious after my father passed.

First it made me realize that my time isn't that far away.

Second because I no longer had a "safety net" for advice I could always come to my dad for advice on plenty of subjects like buying a car, fixing something broken in the house or how to do handle the taxes. He had a wealth of experience and was always willing to share whenever I asked.

And third because, well, I just really miss him.


Insert dark knight joke here