questionswhy was a deal for free condoms removed?


Not sure what was in it but there have been other deals posted without issue


It is against deals.woot's policy.


It was for a free sample of Lifestyles new Skyn condoms. The only thing I can think of was I wrote in the description that people should sign up for a free facebook account b/c you had to like lifestyles to get the sample. But millions of people have fake fb accounts. I have created well over 250 of them, which is exactly why you can't believe the total membership #'s fb claims.


@jsoko: Would you please link to the policy b/c a quick scan of the TOS didn't show anything that would be a rule against it.

Seriously, it's like the moderator decided they don't believe in contraception so they removed it. It should be the opposite. Safe sex saves lives, reduces health care costs, reduces unwanted pregnancies and keeps hundreds of thousands or more children out of the foster care system.


@mschauber: I think that's your problem. A wiser user should know for sure, but I think that posting a deal that requires you to Like someone's Facebook page isn't allowed. Maybe one of the mods would know?


@mschauber: Facebook deals are not allowed. If you have to "like" it, it is not allowed.

[Edit] There is no formal rule book for deals.


condoms and lube are removed by staff regularly. as are vibrators and other sex toys.


@kamikazeken: condoms are normally allowed, though the other items you mention disappear.

But if the deal had to be "liked" it should have been "flushed".


@jsoko: Well there should be. The TOS should spell out what isn't allowed. I have clicked many deals on here that I had to create a fb account for in order to 'like' it.

Moderators can't do a decent job if the rules aren't spelled out. And as someone who posts a decent # of deals, it's very frustrating to get nothing but silence from the moderator who deleted a deal. How am I supposed to know if it was deleted because it required a 'like', b/c it was condoms, because I suggested people create a fake fb account, or b/c the mod was simply in an asexual mood.