questionsis there a way to pm other wooters?


Check this previous thread or this one for answers.


@jsimsace: Thank you. I was able to find how to PM someone with the links you supplied.


@jnissel: You're welcome. I thought it would be easier that way than my explanation would have been. :)


@jnissel: Wow, good job! Try using the search function next time please. I guess you did join in 2008, so you are a bit of a noob. There is a vast amount of information here on Woot, if you learn to utilize features such as "search." Please let me know if you need any help finding and using this feature.

Now, onward! Make those internet Woot friends!


@iggz: And yet you've been around since '06 and have a 55/100 rep... Being polite and less trolling goes a long way here. And please, stop with the O"bomb"ya crap everywhere.


@jeremytheindian: Says the guy who for the first time is #1 and created a thread to tell the world about it? LOL

I've been #1 multiple times little buddy, but I'm rarely on here. And now that your little cherry is popped you will quickly realize it doesn't mean a damn thing.

Did I mention it's O-bomb-ya's fault?


@iggz: But the difference is I'm here to have fun. You're here to troll and be a jerk. Good luck with that.


@jeremytheindian: See what happens when you feed an iggz......