questionsdid anyone get bitten by the rex venture/zeekā€¦


Hugs to you, Ms Cave.

Hope zero people you know were affected. This type of pond scum most frequently targets the elderly, and I'm always sad when someone I know gets taken in before I can help. After the fact help is not nearly as good as beforehand warnings.

This is your good deed for the day, @magic cave.


@shrdlu: Thank you, and a hug back atcha. My Spouse laughs that I keep saying "us" in referring to the credit union's employees.


I used to see a lot of people on a personal finance forum who would show up to tell us what an amazing "investment" zeek was, then leave in a huff when we tried to warn them that it was a scam.


@samstag: It's really hard to convince true believers that they're being scammed.

Especially if they're all the same two or three people making their $10.87/hour shilling those messages.