questionsis it just me or is snl just tedious and no…


SNL has been mediocre, at best, ever since the days of Dana Carvey, Mike Myers, Phil Hartman and the bunch.


it's not great, but I still usually get a few laughs. I usually save it to watch while having lunch on sunday.


Yeah, for about the last 15-20 or so years. IMO, it went to crap not long after the 'Not ready for prime time players' cast was done.


I'm old enough to remember when SNL was new. It seemed really cutting-edge at first & probably was, considering how dull network television was. (And in those days, network television pretty much was television. Kiddies, in the old days, TV stations signed off every night (early morning, actually), usually with a prayer & the National Anthem. But I digress...)

The quality of the current SNL seems to vary considerably from week to week. This season's ep with Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga was incredibly good, right up there with the best of SNL. SNL last night, by contrast, seemed lame & tired (at least what I watched of it). A bunch of things from recent years really hold up, I think: the episode hosted by Betty White was funny and endearing. Betty White and Tina Fey together really rock.

There have been really awful SNLs scattered all over its run. There have also been moments of greatness. 'Twas ever thus.


Lorne Michaels produces a live show.
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Hates improvised lines.


Yeah, they don't seem to be as raunchy anymore. Even though it was usually funny, the fact that they pushed the envelope made it better. Think about Canteen Boy; nowadays, that sketch wouldn't make it to rehersals, but in the 90's it made it all the way to air.


@captainsuperdawg: Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor bantering back and forth with racial epithets with Chevy calling Richard the "N" word on live TV. Now that was pushing the envelope.


More lame each year. I record it on the PVR then skim through. Weekend Update is usually worth watching, and some musical guests are OK, but most of it gets skipped. Why do they take a marginally funny idea, maybe enough for a quick 10 or 15 second bit, and then stretch the sketch out until it's just annoying?


Haven't watched it in many, many years. Used to look forward to watching it live, taping it & watching it again. SO funny. Chevy Chase calling Jane Curtin (sp?) a slut. Chevy caught on the phone saying something like, "Well, you don't actually blow on it." Have no idea why I thought those lines were hysterical, but they were. RoseanneRoseannadanna? Saturday Night Dead?


@xdavex: True, but that was a bit before my time. I was only a little one when canteen boy aired


Not only that, but complaints about SNL being stale and past its prime are themselves stale and past their prime. What's next, complaints about airplane food?


@axphw1: Okay, I'll admit that I'm stale and past my prime. Coincidently, I'm also Amazon Primeless. Out of touch, living in the good ole days. Whatever. Please humor me, I'm much older than you. Respect for your elders blah, blah. ;-) (Sometimes I play the 'elderly' card IRL, too. Usually doesn't work for long, since I have a vocabulary that isn't civil at times.)

BTW: Do you fly on an airline that still serves food? Now that's amazing! Or are you talking about the 'tasty' meals you can purchase for 5 times their value?

Edit: Just remembered what Chevy actually said, "Jane, you ignorant slut!" Funny then, perhaps stale now. ::sigh::


@gmwhit: I'll give you that. No I've never been served a meal on a plane that I didn't need a credit card for.

Jane you ignorant slut will never go stale.

It is interesting how it's still a springboard for new talent though. In the last 15 years it's given us Will Farrell, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Tracy Morgan, Kristen Whig, & even Jimmy Fallon (I'm not looking up the spelling of any of these by the way)Might even add Will Forte, Bill Hader, and Andy Samberg to that list in a few years.


@axphw1: Ah, the good ole days. Used to get those bland, mediocre meals free. (Note: Free is most definitely relative here. You paid for it in your fare. Kinda like you also paid for your luggage.)

Anyway, it was better than no food... or peanuts. Still get meals 'free' on flights to Europe. Am grateful for that. One does get hungry on an 8 or 9 or more hour flight. Will stop talking about 'the good times' now. Actually some of it WAS good. :-D ...including Sat. Night.

An aside: Personally, I used to hate it when the 'old-timers' talked about 'the good old days.' Rolling eyes, many sighs. Now I know what they were talking about. But then, that's relative, too. Isn't it?


Just FYI, the "Jane, you ignorant slut" bit was Dan Akroyd and Jane Curtain. You can google for video clips online -- it's still funnier than anything SNL does today.


New episodes are only worth watching on DVR. Otherwise you might not realize that a single episode occupies >30% of the time slot with commercials and pointless images of the set or people on it getting ready for a sketch. It usually takes about 45 minutes to watch a full episode if you skip the commercials.

And to make it even more of a drag, most of the musical guests are so lousy to be barely watchable.


@turbinator42: Dan Akroyd? Whimper. Mea culpa! The mind is a terrible thing to waste....away. Thank you and you're right, of course. Please tell me it was Chevy who said you don't really 'blow' on it.


Ok, good to know it is not just me...


You think SNL is bad now? Watch the early 80s episodes when Charles Rocket was the star. It makes C-SPAN look downright entertaining.