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What does the Bar serve. ;-)

Oh you mean home viewing. Never mind I only watch sports at my local pub, they have a better sports package than I do.


I am so sorry for this extraordinarily USELESS comment, but I'm trying to understand why sports would have anything to do with it? Is there something in particular about sports that is different from other things, and would make the particulars of a television more important in one area than another? I'm quite serious in this, since I'm just trying to fathom what exactly about sports would lead to a special requirement.

I'm still in the camp of "what the heck, I have cable, why do I care whether I have an HDTV or not" so my opinion is completely uninformed. I have yet to see anything so striking on an HDTV that I suddenly regretted not having one, but that's just me.

So, what are the special requirements about sports, and what variables on an HDTV would there be that would make a difference?



The reason I ask is because hockey moves pretty quickly, faster than, say, American Idol. So if there is technology that improves, enhances or otherwise is best suited for fast-moving sports viewing, I would like to know about it.

There are things like 'refresh rate' and 'dejuddering technology' that I read about and how they affect things like watching movies and/or Blu-Ray discs, but I haven't found anything that talks specifically about sports viewing.

Yeah, I could go slog through the technobabble on, but I was hoping someone could help explain it to me in plain English.

And yes I asked that question two months ago... when the site was less popular. There's very little chance anyone's going to see that original post now, so I asked again. Sorry to dirty up your stream.


@brandie346: I don't think of it as being dirtied up at all. Did you read @snapster's comments in the other question? I thought he said some good stuff.

As an aside, usually, if ssomething's been asked before, I will answer the user with links to those questions. Not trying to suggest you shouldn't ask again, but rather trying to be helpful. I noticed AFTER I'd posted the links that one of them was you.


How much do you want to spend? Certain features cost more than others.


Hi Cabertthegreat,

Maybe around $800. I'd like one that is Netflix-enabled (or, for a while around xmas, some places were throwing in free blu-ray players with tv purchase, so the blu ray player can be netflix-enabled instead).

40 - 46"