questionswe have automated woot plus threads now - did you…


bug report. A fly landed on my monitor while at woot plus.



Did it keep you from buying? If so, bug. If not, just annoying!


Any chance these could be hacked to be per-item? Or am I taking the proverbial mile when offered an inch?


@psaux: As in hacked for these particular sales, probably not. But as it's a nifty suggestion, beta feedback that and I will also pass it on and we'll see. :)


I kinda still want the old woot! back


@inkycatz: Awesome, but it does take a lot of button pushing to get to those comments if you could add a "join the discussion" button to the Woot Plus page near where you have the "XYZ Company Official Site" link that would take you to the correct comunity page that would super awesome.


@inkycatz: @ruger9mm: Along similar lines, I think it'd be beneficial to have a "Discuss this Event" link right on the "Woot Plus" button on the main Woot pages. The Woot Plus buttons themselves are already very large... might as well use that space! Just a small "Discuss this Event" link in the lower-left hand corner of those boxes would be a nice addition.


@ruger9mm: Not sure what you mean.. on the "event" page (list of all the sales for that wootplus) there's a discussion link on the right next to the "why we think this rocks" blurb. On each sale, there's a discussion below the buy now and company blurb.



@riknik: Sorry, I didn't have my browser expanded all the way, and there is a lot of white between the deals and the button, I didn't see that side of the page. Thank you for pointing that out.


Still not impressed, but thanks for the info.


@morriea: I've got a cat you can borrow! She's great at catching flies, be careful though, she's also great at sniffing out money, and she's bound to steal some!

As for the threads, yes, I noticed the when I started perusing the threads this evening. Very nice, thank you.


Thank you for the threads! I've already used them today, they are great. I really appreciated @inkycatz original posts to create threads before these were available and they were helpful, and these already are attracting even more discussions than before.