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@snapster @shawnmiller

Just found a pretty sizable error.

You can rig the votes by alternating them.

I just increased a deals votes several times by alternating positive/negative votes.

I also just did the opposite. Posted it in this "incognito" thread for obvious reasons. It's 3am and I could be mistaken I supposed, but I tested it a few times...


Check that out. That's all me in a matter of about 4 seconds.

Just noticed the scoreboard is also displaying the votes as:


Hopefully my genius "thread disguise" will keep this from causing any problems before you guys get a chance to fix it heh..assuming this isn't my browser being weird or something.


Just tried other browsers in different variations (logged in/out) just to double check. Seems to be a bona fide issue.

But if this IS something just on my end, well bad - and I was just kidding.

Take care


I noticed a similar phenomenon yesterday. It seemed to right itself after about 20 minutes.


weird, i just tried it and it's all jacked up. shows "+-3" and "-8" under it


thanks for the report. I think there's potential that we have some discrepancy between what we immediately report to the browser and what the server eventually sorts out, but this gets pretty technical quick and will need to be looked at.


@drchops: You think this was a disguise? You are just too funny. :-D

Usually, if I'm trying to hide a comment that needs to get through, I just go off and post on some random older question, using the notify if mention trick. I am also happy to send email, and now that there's G+, I have the option of poking Woot staff there as well.

Disguise... :-D :-D :-D Thanks for the smiles.