questionsmr. miller, can we have the community deals linkā€¦


LOL!! I've clicked on "Ask the Community" I don't know how many times now when I've gone up there to refresh the deals because that's where I've always done it. I thought I was the only one! :)


Yeah, it got me too. I know just clicking the giant DW logo will take me to Community Deals, but my brain still wants that CD link for some reason.


@thumperchick: I guess they were doing a de-clutter on the page but my brain knows that something is missing and my finger refuses to click on the logo. :)


@thumperchick: Well, I didn't even know that, so I was fairly lost. It did eventually dawn on me that I could click on the leaderboard link and then go over to CD from there, but it would be much nicer to have CD link back in it's usual place.


I honestly haven't noticed anything different because I never used that. I keep an ATC tab open and one for CD.


@theoneill555: Speaking of things that NEED fixing, how about getting rid of the STUPID STUPID STUPID lightboxes? Okay, now that I've yelled out my frustration at losing a fairly reasonable reply that encouraged @shawnmiller to do a few repairs, let me also mention that he offered, a while back, to fix the broken linkage to older comments.

Now that there's the Shopping Cart piece finished, maybe a few adjustments could be made. Please? Pretty please?


Heh, I've honestly been using the Deals.Woot logo instead of the "community deals" link in our staging environment for so long now that I forgot we made this change.

We wanted the shopping cart logo and mini-cart funtionality in the global header, which bumped the sign in links to the site specific header section. Wasn't enough room for all the links so we removed the redundant one since we already had this link covered with the logo.


@shrdlu: Nothing slips past you :)

You're right, we've been busy with the shopping cart work for so long that we haven't had a chance to fill in those old, old links. It's gonna happen though, don't you think so @josefresno?


@shrdlu: Ma'am, it is good to see that you are trying to keep them on their toes.

@shawnmiller: Thanks. I understand that it was redundant. I was worried mainly for the newbies that might get lost.


@theoneill555: Just in case you hadn't noticed, the database was finally fixed yesterday.


Now if they'd just replace the light boxes, I'd be happy. For a second or two, anyway.