questionshas woot invested in stealth technology? or, why…


I see it. Using your name or the deal on the third(ish) fresh tab shows it all ready with two votes. Rest assure friend, there may have been a hiccup in the tubes.


I voted for it and it showed up shortly afterwards, I don't know that the vote fixed it, but I can confirm that I could not see the deal on the fresh tab.


i see it on page 4 right now, on the fresh tab. has 4 votes


I have noticed that there has been a slight delay in being able to view a deal that was just posted. It has been happening for weeks (at least for those in my house).


@niloc225: yeah i've noticed a delay when posting new deals. a few seconds, maybe 15. i hit refresh after a few seconds and then see mine


@xarous, @tygerdave, w00tgurl: Thanks for checking it out for me. It's visible now-- wonder if it was that first vote that made it come unstuck?

@niloc225: I've seen it take a minute (or even more) for a vote to appear on the fresh tab. But this was more like 2 hours!

@shawnmiller, @josefresno: anything interesting to glean from the logs?