questionsi bought 2 lenovo thinkpad x120e at deals.woot…


Contact the company you bought them from.

Deals.Woot is not a is a conglomeration of deals posted by people sharing.


Deals.woot is a deal aggregator and it doesn't sell anything itself: it's just a place for you to find out about good deals that can be purchased elsewhere on the web. If you purchased something from a deal listed on deals.woot, you have to communicate with the retailer from whom you made your purchase.
Most of us answering your question are not staff, so we don't have any special abilities to view your order history.
If you did make a purchase from a Woot site, you should to check your Woot order history for the site from which you ordered.

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(if you're not sure, check them all)

(copied from a jumbowoot post)


which merchant did you buy it from?


I was going to post a sarcastic remark, but all of the ones above me seem to be I will refrain.


If you bought it from this Moofi deal:

it should have been new. Please email for assistance. Include the order number for faster service.


@Thunderthighs to the rescue.....

seems I have seen that before!