questionswhy are top questions and deals appearing on both…


I must be blind today from looking at all the woot sites, could you please elaborate? I do not see the duplication of that you speak. I see the highest vote count showing automatically, which is annoying, but not the fresh and top pages showing the same.

Help me I missed class that day.


@ferrisbueller: what theoneill555 is saying is more prominently displayed on Ask the Community. If you look at UncleFrog's question about the tab name change you will see that it is the second question on the top tab and it is also #9 or #10 on the fresh tab. It is the same way on the deals side. The question/deal is not leaving the fresh tab when it hits the top tab.


I've given up. None of it makes sense. I no longer really care. I'm just done, I suppose.


@shrdlu: It doesn't seem fun any more, just confusing.

I also noted, that when viewing my own tab on the deals side, it no longer shows which deals (that I voted on) went popular.


I posted in the other thread that the main negative (once you get your head around a real time dynamic ranking system) is that you don't have an exact entry point for something fresh to arrive in the rankings - it could pop up and move quickly up the rank or float around at the bottom if it reaches friction. In this way, it can be difficult to see new content coming in over a 0-6 hour period as it requires scanning over content you've already seen.

Over a longer period of time, the old stuff is so eroded that this problem doesn't exist.

For those missing the value - this is the only way to really see what is most popular on deals-woot at any given time. It also happens to display these items ranked so that they are most compelling for easy quick-scanning.


@snapster: It's nice that you like it. I don't care for it. If you were hoping I'd participate less, this accomplishes that mission.


Just as I was beginning to understand how things work here, you go and change it. Oh, my aching head. Yep, I'm confused.


@snapster: All I can figure out is that I now must quit my job and dedicate all my time to trying to figure out what is new vs. what is old. Now I have to scroll through the same items over and over again because they can pop up anywhere on the list.


It has been an eighteen hour day after 4 hours sleep and I can't get a grasp on this change... It seems to be more difficult to see the popular deals as they arrive but that is supposed to be a good thing???
Later, I need sleep...


I used to check the site once a day, remembering my previous position so I could go thru all the top deals. I can't do that anymore, without going through about 40000 deals, therefore the site has become useless to me. What a shame; I have to use other sites now. I really loved deals.woot, and found many good things on here. I don't have time to sift thru a random assortment of things I've already seen.


@snapster: I'm not particularly interested in what's popular, but I'm really tired of the constant rearranging of the furniture around here. I'm not at all interested in what might be "dynamic" or how fast something becomes popular or anything even remotely similar. I don't want to have to deal with items that drift in and out of the time sequence, and I am for sure not going to spend time scrolling through stuff I've already seen. Have you considered spending all this creative energy on developing some other new toy and leaving this one for folks who like it the way it is?