questionsis anybody else amazed to feel at least a tingeā€¦


i feel 'joyous"rite after taking my meds......i think


No holiday spirit here. Have to work. And then do lots of yard work. Bah. And get those kids off my lawn!!


I'm working on getting the Christmas spirit! Finally bought a couple of gifts to get me going. First I have to get through DH's birthday and Thanksgiving. Maybe I need to score some meds from @imyeti58. (At least I haven't started yelling at kids to get off of my lawn, like @wilfbrim, but that might start soon!)


I enjoy the days of and all the gatherings in between Thanksgiving Day and New Years Day, but I dread the preparations, traffic, and shopping. Happy family and friends really raise my holiday spirit and make all the effort worthwhile in the end.


I spent the last four hours and two weekends putting up lights. I will spend the next two weekends finishing everything up and programming the controllers.......BAH HUMBUG!!!!!


I am totally shocked to find myself super-excited about Christmas decorations: I want to break out the red-and-green already!

I'm not sure why I'm more excited this year: Christmas creep working its psychological magic?


Amazed isn't quite the word I would choose for my situation. I "feel" it every year, but at various times during the stretch run. It hasn't quite kicked in yet, but I think Thanksgiving might hit the trigger.


I am starting to feel a lot of it. I hung up lights on the house and on the trees this afternoon.