questionswhat do you think of vendors ripping an active…


I hate it. And I'm pretty sure I know of at least one of the vendors you're talking about. Honestly, I don't even like the preposting of deals, only to RIP and repost on the day of. But maybe I'm being oversensitive.


@okham: Thanks. I think I am oversensitive when it comes to dupes.


@theoneill555: I'm the same...dupes should be destroyed immediately. It really chaps when one goes popular, like the chocolate bar from the other day. I know it's usually an accident, unlike the aforementioned rip-and-reposting, but it still irritates. And what would be the fun if we didn't have something to complain about? :)


I'm right there with you. I've tattled on a few vendors posting like that (to include a few suspected vendors).


I happen to be leaning the other way then you folks so far, so a question. As long as a previous deal is dead, does a new deal (dupe) do anything other than bring it back to the top of the list? If that is all that happens, than I have no objection as long as they wait for the deal to get stale enough before the kill it and re-post it. On the other hand if the kill and re-post it like every 24 hours or so, that would start to irritate me.


@theant: For some, that's what is happening: kill it, then repost it a few hours to a day later to move it back up the list. I saw one company that had rip'd and reposted the same item with the same price 3 times in one day.

Then there are the deals that just keep coming back. There are three separate tide pods "free sample deals", all of which are still active, but are the same thing. Grumble.


I don't approve. I get why they do it, they want their deals associated with their account(s), but if someone beats your deals.woot representative to the deal, that's their goof. People are seeing the same deal and going to the same place either way.


Vendors should not be able to do this within such a short time. I will RIP peoples deals that are over 6 months old to re-post sometimes but the deal has to be really good!! Like Free Good ;)


I've also seen at least 1 vendor change the price by a couple cents in an effort to "justify" ripping and reposting. While I don't have any real objection to companies posting here, the whole rip & repost crap pretty much guarantees that I won't shop on their site. (And in the rare case that I do want an item that they're carrying, I'll at the very least make sure I can't get it cheaper elsewhere.)


@jumbowoot: Not the deal that I was referring to, but the same company. I saw it with some craftsman tools a few weeks ago; I tattled it to try to bring it to someone's attention.


I just kind of assumed doing that was "against the rules," since they're literally just posting a duplicate deal that never expired.
...but it looks like I was wrong :)

Anymore though.. I don't think there really are set "rules" anymore.
Everything seems to handled completely at random.

More times than I can count I've seen two (or more) identical deals/situations handled in completely opposite ways. Like this. This same deal was also posted the day before, then for some reason deleted.

Anyways, if it's obviously spam and the person only RIP'd it just so they could repost it a few hours later, I say tattle on it (and explain).
What actually happens will depend on the mod who sees it, but it's still worth trying.. especially if it'll help discourage spam.


Sorry, I was on an emergency call.

@jumbowoot: colonelpuffpuff is a relative using an old account who knows I have a malfunction with duplicates. When I first looked at the deal this morning both were active and listed the same items - thus making it a duplicate, which is why I picked up my pitchfork and torch.

@okham: I noticed the tools also and the tool box. The first vendor to come to my attention was selling ninja chopsticks.


I think it's ok to RIP a deal and repost it IF AND ONLY IF it's actually a sweet deal that the general public of deals.woot should know about.

I wouldn't mind being reminded about a sweet deal that I missed somehow... maybe because I was outside for a day or something...


@luvche21: Nope. It should still be a disqualifying tactic. The entire community here works under the same guidelines, and I'm not interested in making exceptions for folks who think their deal is soooo special that it justifies duping it.


My thinking is that it's OK for a vendor to RIP a deal to repost at a later date(say 1 week), but not OK to RIP it and repost it later in the day just to get a better time slot. The problem lies in where the grace period lines would be drawn, similar to the "advance" notices of upcoming deals.


@magic cave: And that's where personal judgement should come in... the businesses that are posting in general don't post sweet deals, so theirs is a business judgement. They aren't looking to help out the general public, but to get free advertising for themselves, which I personally think is lame and drives me away from the company.
But, I agree, my view can't be moderated. And those that would RIP a deal to repost it think their deal is sooooo special when 99% of us don't, so it's an unfair tactic.