questionswhat $10 or under wine would you recommend as a…


If you know that they like sweeter wines, I would go with the Barefoot brand wines, especially Moscato is very nice and also cheap :)


My girlfriend loves stella rosa Ricotta. Honestly im not muck of a wine drinker but i really enjoy this wine alot. Where i buy it, it goes for about $9.


@curtisuxor may or may not have been serious, but if you're buying for foreigners who are visiting you (as opposed to shipping the wine overseas), Two-Buck Chuck is seriously a pretty good wine irrespective of how much it does or doesn't cost. The chardonnay and white zinfandel are my favorites, although I have a pretty undiscriminating palate.

Try serving your visitors a couple glasses without the bottle in view, tell them that it's a local winery, and see what they think ^_^.


I'd go with a Parkers Estate Merlot from your local Kroger (if you have them there, no idea). It's like 12 bucks, good taste, and bottle looks classy enough to impress.


You could buy 3 Wild Irish Rose and 2 MD 20/20s...

ah high school days

@darthemerald I'll second the barefoot suggestion, they are cheap and very tasty. Nice bottle as well


Bogle Merlot. Consistently outstanding wine for about $9.

Just make sure you let it breathe for 20 minutes.