questionswhat do you do on a daily basis that is your…


@jsimsace: No doubt deals.woot is mine.


@jsimsace: Ditto. As awesome as economics class is, the drama in the Catalog question thread is much better.


Plants vs Zombies. I'm easily entertained...


@jsimsace: agreed, deals.woot is my biggest time waster


Got to agree with woot, and the internet in general.


deals.woot and shopping on the web.


Sleep. I don't do it a lot, maybe 5-6 hours a night, but I hate giving up all that time (which is probably why I don't do very well at it).

If you live to be 90 and you sleep 8 hours a night, you have spent 30 years asleep. I am too grredy for time to give a third of it up to the sandman.


Work. Work is my time waster :)


Youtube. When I'm good, I'll watch the stuff that I'm subscribed to and then hit the music section for stuff to play while I'm working on my writing. When I'm bad, almost an hour can disappear before I smack myself to get back to work.


Reddit and Woot and the same time with dual monitors. :D


@moondrake: Could be worse. I figured up at my last job that in the previous 10 years I'd spent 2 weeks sitting in traffic. Never again.
At least with sleep I have some control and don't have to deal with the idiots if front of or beside me, plus I don't curse nearly as much.


Well from the months of August to January fantasy football, from January to July, prepping for fantasy football.


Calling people that will never pick up the phone. Too bad that is about half of my day.


@moondrake: Maybe that 8 hours a night is what gets people to 90 in the first place?

Anyway, my biggest timesuck is thinking of clever things to say on sites like this. As you can tell, I spent less time than usu-


Great question. Although my answer will put me on the bad boy probation list so I will sit here quietly.......wasting time.....


Work. To me it's a big waste of my time.

Fortunately, at some of the sites I work, I'm able to do non-work things like crafting, so it's not a total waste...except maybe the 45 minute drive, to sit in an office that I'd be lucky to see one person walk into!


Going to the bathroom. Think about how much time in a year we all spend just sitting/standing in an empty room, [usually] alone, doing nothing (other than ahem.. that).

I would've said sleep but I guarantee that's already been said.


@drchops: Which is exactly why you should do it at work! You're getting paid to use the john!